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U.S. History


Native Americans

Colonial Period

Civil War


Presidents and First Ladies


Regional History

The Great Depression

Historic Places

American Industry

America at War

September 11, 2001

Famous People

American Currency Exhibit

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco presents this online exhibit

American Memory

A multimedia collection of American culture and history materials

America's Story from America's Library

American history is told through 5 themes

A Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents

A chronology of U.S. Historical Documents

The Early 19th Century and Today

Perform calculations involving measurements of land and the value of money.

Explore the States

Click on the state you want to explore.


Access over 30 million government resources

History of the United States

Mississippi State University provides links to Native American history, U.S. historical documents, the Colonial period, the Revolution, the Early Republic, the 19th and 20th Century, U.S. wars and much more!

The History Place: The Past Into The Future

Online exhibits of World War II, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and History in the U.S.A. (by state).

History Wired

Take a look at some of the millions of artifacts dealing with United States History held in the Smithsonian Institution's storage facilities

Join America at Play

Discover America's favorite pastimes

National Archives

Historical records of the United States government since 1774. Also includes genealogy information.

The Nation's Forum: Speeches by American Leaders

Our Flag

Historical look at early U.S. flags

Pioneers Westward Expansion

From Kid Info this site has links to many U.S. history connections from over 500 American History biographies to westward expansion to the Alamo.

The Rare Map Collection

Digital maps of the New World, Colonial America, Revolutionary America, battles of the Civil War, and more, provided by the University of Georgia Libraries.

Student Links to 20th Century U.S. History

Links to sites offering historical information on U.S. History from the twenties to the present.

U.S. History Documents

A wide range of historical documents are available at this site.

Vincent Voice Library

The largest academic voice library

Who Is That?

Identify famous people through a series of clues and portraits.



1492: An Ongoing Voyage

An exhibit of 1492 and Columbus from the Library of Congress.

The Age of Exploration

This introduction to the early years of exploration

European Explorers Resources

European Explorers organized by the country for which they explored.

The Explorations of Christopher Columbus

The Mariner's Museum site provides information and maps of Christopher Columbus and his four voyages.

Leif Ericsson

The story of Leif Ericsson and his adventures

Voyage of Discovery

Take the Journey with Captain James Cook around the world from 1768- 1781

Virtual Jamestown


Native Americans

American Indians

An exploration of the Tlingit, Hopi, Iroquois and Lakota belief systems

Anasazi Heritage Center

About the ancestral Pueblo people.

Desert Peoples

Find out about inhabitants of the desert from ancient peoples to Native Americans.

First Nations Histories

The history of many Native American tribes from first contact to 1900.

Index of the North American Indian

This site offers cultural information and photographs of about 80 western Native American tribes.

Native American Resources on the Internet


Discover the real story of this native American Indian princess

The Wampanoag



Achievers of Color Historical Profiles, Past and Present

Biographical sketches of African Americans born this month presented by Janet Griffin.


Louisiana State University provides links to a variety of information, from Amistad, to Martin Luther King, Jr. to the Million Man March.

African-American History

A collection of links from the Historical Text Archive.

African-American History Through the Arts

African- American History is linked to the arts

The African-American Mosaic

Information on black history and culture, covering 500 years of black experience in the Western Hemisphere.

African American Women: Online Archival Collection

From the special collections library at Duke University

Black History Calendar

The BlackMarket.com presents this historical calendar of events and contributions made by African Americans.

Black History: Past to Present

An interactive treasure hunt covering many years of Black history.

Civil Rights Timeline

A major events timeline of African Americans during the period from 1954 to 1992.

From Slavery to Freedom

African-American Pamphlet Collection, 1824- 1909.

Gateway to African-American History

The site includes historic links, key Internet sites, bibliographies, publications, speeches, remarks, and articles.

Through the Lens of Time

Nearly 300 images of African Americans from the Cook Collection of Photographs taken from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth centuries.

Underground Railroad

Take an interactive historical journey along the Underground Railroad with National Geographic to see the difficulties and challenges faced by those who tried to escape to freedom.

Writing Black USA

A collection of links to works by black American writers, featuring Nat Turner, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Maya Angelou, among others.


Colonial Period

American Revolution Timeline

Presented by World History.com.

America's Homepage

Information on Plymouth, the Mayflower, the Mayflower Compact, the Pilgrims, and key figures.

Archiving Early America: Historic Documents from 18th Century America

Find original newspapers, maps and writings from the Colonial Period, the War of Independence, and the presidencies of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Chronicle of the Revolution

In newspaper format, headlines, timelines, resource material and related topics about the American Revolution.

Colonial America, 1600- 1775: K-12 Resources

Find links to information on early Colonies and related topics, historical figures, historical documents, rare colonial maps, colonial skills, religion in the Colonies, and historical resource sites for teachers.

The Colonial Cycle (1589 - 1692)

The Timepage "Cycles in US History" coincides with much of the early English settlements along the Atlantic Coast of North America.

Colonial Williamsburg

Visit the Historical Almanack and learn more about the people and their way of life in colonial Williamsburg.

The History Place: American Revolution

An annotated timeline organized into five eras: Explorations and Early Colonial Era to 1700, The English Colonial Era 1700-1763, Prelude to the American Revolution 1763-1775, The American War for Independence 1775 -1783, and A New Nation is Born 1784 -1790.

Lewis & Clark

Interactive Journey log of the expedition of Lewis and Clark to find a water route across North America and to explore the uncharted West.

Lewis and Clark: the Journey of the Corps of Discovery

Based on the film by Ken Burns, PBS Online takes you back in time to explore the world as Lewis and Clark found it, see the experience through the eyes of Native American Indian tribes, read from journal entries, see the list of supplies necessary for such a voyage, and hear historians give their thoughts on the expedition.

Old Sturbridge Village

Take a virtual tour of this 19th century rural town. This living history museum recreates daily work activities and community celebrations.

Salem Witch Trials

Comprehensive document archive and transcription project about the Salem
Witch Trials. Includes court records, historical maps, personal letters,
record books, library collections and more.

The Stamp Act

A summary of the Stamp Act and links to people, places and events that contributed to the rise of American nationalism as they moved down the path towards revolution.

A Summary of the 1765 Stamp Act

As part of the Colonial Williamsburg Historical Almanack, this summary of the Stamp Act also provides historical background, information about Patrick Henry and the Virginia Stamp Act Resolutions.

USGS to Embark with Lewis and Clark

On January 14-18, 2003, the USGS joins many partners at the opening ceremonies of a 3-year celebration – the bicentennial commemoration of the Lewis and Clark expedition.


Civil War Period

American Civil War - Alphabetic List of Battles by State

Information on Civil War battles that includes: results of the battle, location, campaign, dates, principal commanders, forces engaged, and casualties.

The American Civil War Home Page

Hypertext links to the most useful identified electronic files about the American Civil War (1861-1865).

Civil War Documents

Documents extending from the Fugituve Slave act of 1850 to the Constitution of the Confederate States to the Emancipation Proclamation to Lincoln's Gettysberg and Reconstruction Addresses and more.

Civil War Traveler

Tour the Civil War battlefields, learn from the Civil War timeline, explore Civil War resources, news events, books, tapes, and memorabilia.

Images and Music of the Civil War

Pictures, (photos and artist's renditions), songs and musicians of the period, music sound clips and songbook, clip asrt shareware, and more.

John Brown's Holy War

PBS and the American Experience provide a timeline, maps and information on people and events in the life of John Brown, a dedicated abolitionist and controversial figure in American history.

Letters from an Iowa Soldier in the Civil War

These letters are part of a collection written by Newton Robert Scott, Private. Most of the letters were written to Scott's neighborhood friend Hannah Cone over a three year period that he served during the Civil War.

Poetry and Music of the War Between the States

A collection of Confederate and Union poetry and music, with links to other related sites.

Time Line of the Civil War, 1861

Time line and photographs of the Civil War.

U. S. Civil War Timeline

Presented by World history.com.

U. S. Civil War Timeline, Year by Year

Chronology of events indexed for each year.


America at War

Buffalo Soldiers and Indian Wars

Story of regiments of African-American soldiers who eventually received recognition for their bravery and courage in protecting settlers on the western frontier. Site contains many photographs, historical links to the Civil War, Native Americans, and personal archival documents.

Cold War Timeline

Events involving the United States cold war against the spread of communism from 1945 through 1991.

The French and Indian War Home Page

Information on the regiments, soldiers, and battles of the French and Indian War (1755-1763), as well as information on troop movements, statistics of deaths due to the battles, and weather-related deaths that occurred during that timeframe.

French and Indian War Timeline

Events during the French and Indian War presented by World History.com.

Guts and Glory

Web Site for the American Experience PBS program about D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge.

Investigating the Vietnam War

The stated objective of this website is to help students carry out research on the Vietnam War. There is a large collection of links to a variety of informative resources.

Korean War Timeline

Events surrounding the Korean War conflict.

Liberty! The American Revolution

A PBS companion site for their 5-part series including resources, primary documents, pictures, and more.

Little Known Facts about the American RevolutionaryWar

Interesting and little known facts about the Revoolutionary War as compiled by noted historian, Thomas Fleming, for the Delaware Facts page.

Private Art

A collection of WWII letters to and from the home front from Pvt. Arthur Pranger, 86th Chemical Mortar Battalion.

Remembering Pearl Harbor

National Geographic takes you back to that historic day in infamy, December 7, 1941, to events surrounding the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Many actual period photographs and videos are available along with a searchable archive of survivor's stories. Follow through the multimedia maps and timeline for a detailed moment by moment account of the day.

Remembering the Victims

To help honor the innocent men, women, and children who lost their lives in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Revolutionary War Cycle (1693- 1787)

These resources come from Cycles in US History.

Sow the Seeds of Victory!

Site displays posters from the Food Administration During World War I. Herbert Hoover, as head of the new U.S. Food Administration, convinced Americans to conserve food during the War. Homeowners were urged to sign pledge cards to conserve food. Many observed wheatless Mondays, meatless Tuesdays, and porkless Saturdays.

Valley Forge

In December of 1777, General Washington led 12,000 men into Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, for a 6-month encampment while the British camped 20 miles away in Philadelphia. Nearly 2,000 American soldiers died of disease during the severe winter.

Vietnam: Echoes from the Wall

Students learn the facts about the Vietnam Era through timelines, video clips from those who both supported and opposed the war, and through investigation. Students learn to involve community veterans, to approach media for publicity, and to create special school and community events throughout the school year.

What Did You Do In The War, Grandma?

Includes the texts of student interviews with Rhode Island women, discussing their lives before and during the Second World War, a World War II timeline; a "streaming audio" presentation of one of the original interviews, and more.

Women Soldiers in the American Revolutionary War

Women disguised as men fought valiantly in the fight for America's freedom.

The World War I Document Archive

The archive is international in focus and intends to present primary documents concerning the Great War from one location.

World War I Timeline

Presented by World History.com

World War II Archive

This WWII page is maintained and created by Wilfried Braakhuis.

World War II Timeline

Search by date, by event, explore links, maps, pictures, and important documents, all dealing with the events leading up to and including World War II.

World War II Timeline

Presented by World history.com


Presidents and First Ladies

The American President

PBS presents the story of the American presidency. The information is organized into: Family Ties, Happenstance, An Independent Cast of Mind, The Professional Politician, The American Way, The World Stage, The Heroic Posture, Compromise Choices, Expanding Power, and the Balance of Power.

The American Presidency

Information on the presidents, the presidency and American politics, designed for grades 6 through adult. Many articles are interlinked to related topics.

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt

During the Great Depression, thousands of young people wrote to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt for help. They asked for clothing, money, and other forms of assistance.

The First Ladies of the United States of America

Biographies and pictures of all the First Ladies.

The FDR Memorial

Information on the FDR Memorial with a virtual tour and links to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the FDR years, and other related sites.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

Information on Franklin D. Roosevelt, the New Deal, his papers and other collections.

George Washington: An Internet Treasure Hunt for ESL students

Students can find the answers to specific questions by searching the Web.

George Washington Biography Lesson

Information about the first U.S. President with pictures, facts, and an online quiz from Mount Vernon Educational Resources.

The Great Debate and Beyond

The History of televised debates from the Kennedy/ Nixon debate in 1960 through to the 1996 presidential debates.


Find information about Thomas Jefferson, his history, physical appearance, hobbies, a typical day in his life, and facts about his family, plantation, and slaves.

Overview of Abraham Lincoln's Life

A brief look at the life of a popular American President.

Portraits of U.S. Presidents

Selected images from the collections at the Library of Congress.

Presidential Sites IDEA Network

Information on the presidents, historic sites, and other related information.

Presidents of the United States

The Internet Public Library offers background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and some points of interest on each of the presidents.

Ulysses S. Grant

American Experience provides this companion site for the film.



National Archives and Records Administration

Information on American immigration records from 1538- 1959 provided by NARA.

The New Americans

PBS offers personal stories of immigrants from Nigeria and the Dominican Republic, family history research, and a U.S. Citizenship test. An interactive immigration timeline traces the history of immigration from 1492 through 2000 with a long list of teacher resources and lessons.

Statue of Liberty Timeline

A brief history of the Statue of Liberty and its importance to immigrants arriving in the United States through New York.

Virtual Ellis Island

Follow an immigrant through photos and journal entries from their homeland through the immigration process at Ellis Island. The Teacher's Room provides suggestions for an Ellis Island simulation. The links provide other resources for information about Ellis Island.


Regional History

American Centuries' View from New England

Memorial Hall Museum Online presents exhibits, activities, classroom projects, and a digital collection.

American South Home Page

Information on the South and southern culture, including the Southern Historical Collection.

The American West

The development of the American West covering historical aspects of cowboys, American Indians, explorers, discoveries, products, and more.

California: A Changing State

SCORE provides an excellent source for activities and resources to help learn about California's physical geography, exploration, Mexican rule, gold rush, agriculture, Native Americans, missions, Mexican-American War, immigration, California's economy,and local, state and national government.

California History

Find information on Californian missions, the California gold rush, the San Francisco earthquake, and more.

Diamond Ranch

Children's Section of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum shares life on the range as it used to be for cowboys of the old West.

Documenting the American South

Includes first-person narratives of the American South, slave narratives, and historical experiences in over 1200 books and manuscripts. This collection is part of the Academic Affairs Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Florida Geographic Alliance

Florida Geographic Alliance 1993 Summer Institute offers 26 lesson plans on Florida's History Through Its Places.

The History Place: The Past Into The Future

Online exhibits of World War II, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and History in the USA (by state).

History Themes

The historical events, people, and places of the New Hampshire seacoast.

Maine History

Includes the information about the early inhabitants, discovery and colonization, French & Indian Wars, Revolutionary War, statehood, Northeast Boundry Dispute, economic development "the Maine Law", Civil War, three giants in politics, industrial growth and Maine politics today.

Michigan Historical Center

Michigan's State History Center provides comprehensive information on state history including: historic sites online, map and information on nine Michigan Historical Museum Sites, state of Michigan archives, and great student activities and resources for teachers.

Michigan Electronic Library

Links to online resources for Michigan History.

Michigan History Links

The Historical Society of Michigan maintains links to multiple resources about the history of Michigan.

New Perspectives on The West

Middle school lesson plans on the people, places, and events which helped shape the Old West. Lesson plans and quizzes are included.

North Carolina's Historical People and Places

Learn more about North Carolina's historical sites from information provided by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

The Pony Express

Learn about the eighteen years of the Pony Express, the trail taken, the riders, watch the video clip, or take the interactive quiz.

Sam Houston Memorial Museum

A FAQ about Sam Houston, as well as a chronology, genealogy, and quotations.

Seacoast History

Seacoast history including Prehistoric, Black History, Revolutionary, 20th century links and more.

A Shared Past:Texas and the United States Since Reconstruction

The volume as a whole is intended to show that Texas history was not isolated but occurred within a larger national and international context that is much more complex than simple accounts may suggest.

State Timelines

Historical timelines for many of the states in the United States.

Texas: Lone Star Junction

Web links to interesting resources about Texas and its early history. Included in the resources are photographs, popular songs of Texas and a database of people, places, documents and events in Texas history.

Washington State Facts

Find information from the census data to the economy, from geography to population, as well as state symbols, state history, and time zones.


The Great Depression

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt

During the Great Depression, thousands of young people wrote to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt for help. They asked for clothing, money, and other forms of assistance.

The Depression News: the 1930's

From the Michigan Historical Center, here's a website for students and teachers that includes a gallery of artifacts,resources, and activities.

WPA Life Histories Home Page

These life histories range from 1936-40. The histories describe the informant's family education, income, occupation, political views, religion and mores, medical needs, diet, and miscellaneous observations.


Historic Places

George Washington's Mt. Vernon

Visit one of the best documented historic houses in America. Included in the vast resources are Washington's genealogy information, a photo tour of the house and grounds, biographical information, an online quiz, archaelogical information and more.


Find information about Thomas Jefferson, his history, physical appearance, hobbies, a typical day in his life, and facts about his family, plantation, and slaves.


American Industry, Business &Technology

Devices of Wonder

From the world in a box to images on the screen, interact with inventions from the past.

The History of Early Car Manufacturing in Flint, Michigan

The Internet Public Library offers this historical tour to give you an idea of how differently people lived in the early 1900's and how cars and car manufacturing developed and grew through the 1940's.

History of the Tax System in the United States

Information about the historical periods of taxation from colonial days through to the present system of taxing income.

TVA: Electricity for All

The story of the establishment of the TVA, its accomplishments, setbacks, failures, and controversies.


September 11, 2001

America Responds Classroom Resources

As we remember the anniversary of last year's 9/11 there may still be concerns to discuss.

Crisis Curriculum and Resources

Educational CyberPlayground sponsors this site of lesson plans and curriculum suggestions especially for 5th, 8th, and 11th grades along with quotes, ideas for charity, reasons for military preparations, links to politicians, and more.

In Search of Bin Laden

Follow two correspondents, Marcella Gaviria, and Martin Smith, as they send reports back to Frontline from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

New York City: After the Fall

A multimedia presentation with poetry and photographs of New Yorkers striving to return to normal despite being changed forever.

Remembering the Victims

To help honor the innocent men, women, and children who lost their lives in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Ten Ways to Fight Hate

Presented by the Southern Poverty Law Center's Tolerance.org project.


Famous People

African American Women: Online Archival Collection

From the special collections library at Duke University.


Contains biographies, some quite extensive, of historical persons related to United States history.


The Homework Center from the Multnomah County Library sponsors this extensive index of famous men and women.

Biographical Dictionary

Index of more than 28,000 notable men and women from throughout history.


Contains the biographies of thousands of famous people from the past and present.

Biography Maker

The Bellingham Schools provide this template to help you write a biography.

Black History Month Biographies

Biography.com sponsors this site providing resources including some VHS videos available for purchase on the lives of great African-Americans.

Colonial Hall Biographies of the Founding Fathers

Contains 103 biographical sketches of American Founding Fathers including those who signed the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the United States Constitution.

Conversations with History

Taken from the series produced by the Institute of International Studies at UC Berkley, interviews from 1982 to the present have been placed at the site in video and/or text format.

Dead People Server

Lists famous celebrities who have passed away with brief bios, but contains links to further information for most.

Eric Weisstein’s World of Scientific Biography

Biographical information about famous scientists in the fields of physics, astronomy, chemistry, and math.

Find a Grave

Find biographies of famous people along with grave information at this site.

Founding Fathers

Biographies of each of the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention


Find biographies of theologians, philosophers, poets, composers, and artists.

Gallery of Achievement

Discover the successes of individuals , many of whom are alive today, who have contributed a great deal to society.

German American Biographies

Alphabetical listing of German American, most with brief biographies.

Jewish Virtual Library Biographies

Biographhies of Jewish men and women


An extensive biographical resource including first person narratives and journals, diaries, autobiographies, letters and oral histories.

Mathew Brady’s National Portrait Gallery

Take a virtual tour of this portrait gallery to find pictures of many famous Americans.

Martin Luther King

The Seattle Times provides this biography, photo gallery, timeline, and written and spoken words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Site also includes a study guide and quiz in addition to further links and resources.

Meet Amazing Americans

Biographical site from America’s Story at the Library of Congress.

Military Women Veterans

Links to American women who have fought and contributed as veterans in all our military conflicts.

Richest Man in the World: Andrew Carnegie

Companion site to the PBS program about Andrrew Carnegie with his biography and timeline. Also contains a teacher’s guide.

The Rockefellers

Read about the power and wealth attained as well as the scandals surrounding this famous American family.

Who’s Who in American History

Find names, occupations and photos of notable Americans from the Civil War to the present from the University of Wisconsin.





Explore the Seven Wonders of the World, Ancient Egyptian Monuments, modern attractions, read the Cairo Visitor Guide and other sources of information.

Culture Quest World Tour to Africa

Join Parsifal Penguin and Ophelia Owl as they journey through Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa to investigate the customs, beliefs, and art of various cultures.

Culture Quest World Tour to the Middle East

Join Parsifal Penguin and Ophelia Owl as they journey through Egypt and Israel to investigate the customs, beliefs, and art of various cultures.

Egypt Interactive

A collection of links to information about Egypt.

Guardians' Egypt

The key to Egypt's treasures with pictures of pyramids and artifacts.

Ghana Web Page

A variety of information about Ghana.


Facts and statistics on the country of Libya.

South Africa Online

Many links to information on South Africa.

Wonders of the African World

PBS and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. takes you to Africa to discover the history and culture of the lost wonders of the African world.

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Provides a list of resources that includes maps, information on tourism, and history.

Antarctica Resources

Find general information including the Ozone Hole, Southern Cross Expedition, Ross Island, Puckered Penguin, images from space, and the Antarctic Treaty from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

Antarctica: Resources for Teachers

Information on Antarctica including factual statistics, lesson plans, student self-study units, and a bibliography of resources for further research.

Antarctica - Zoom School

Information on geography, climate, fossils, explorers, and penguins.

Culture Quest World Tour to Antarctica

Join Parsifal Penguin and Ophelia Owl as they journey through Antarctica to investigate the customs, beliefs, and art of various cultures.


Interesting information about Antarctica including living and working in Antarctica, glaciers, global ocean system, news from the field, and additional polar resources.

Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic

Explore with teachers as they join research expeditions at the poles.

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Asia Source
A resource of the Asia Society. Information on Arts and Culture, business and economics, policy and government, and society and history.


Resources for China's geography and maps, people, government, economy, transportation, defense, and communications.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong World Wide Web Server

You are invited to visit the various scenes of Hong Kong on the Web.

Culture Quest World Tour to Asia and the Far East

Join Parsifal Penguin and Ophelia Owl as they journey through China, Japan, and Singapore to investigate the customs, beliefs, and art of various cultures.

Dubai's Home Page

Find out about the United Arab Emirates and other Arabian, African, and Muslim countries.

Israel: The (almost) Complete Guide

Interesting Israeli sites, yellow pages, and a memorial section on Yitzhak Rabin.

Journey to Japan

A group of educators from Los Angeles County traveled to Japan for 13 days, as part of a United States-Japan Foundation grant that was sponsored by the Los Angles County Office of Education.This site includes their photos, journal entries and information collected on modern and ancient Japan.

Jiva Culture of India

Jiva works to improve the education, health, and culture of Indians by striving to integrate modern technologies and lifestyle with traditional Indian wisdom, culture, science, and philosophy.

Jerusalem Mosaic

Travel through New and Old Jerusalem, meet the people, taste the food, enjoy the special costumes and visit the sites.

Malaysian Information Source

Lots of information here.


Find a travel journal, a photograph album, interactive maps, and more.

Profiles of Asian Countries

Find out basic facts and statistics such as population, language, type of government, economy, and more about the countries of Asia. Also comparisons can be made to world statistics at this site.

Russia: Dazhdbog's Grandchildren

Learn about the Russian people's daily life, law, literature, humor, and more.

Sarawak, Malaysia

Sarawak is situated in Borneo, and is the home of the world's oldest rainforest.

Sorrow in India

Check out Time for Kid's photo essay about the earthquake in India, and read kids reactions.

Southeast Asia

Web Internet resources for scholars, researchers and Friends of the Southeast Asian Studies.

Stories of the Elephants of Sri Lanka

Excerpts from a new book on the elephants of Sri Lanka and their unique role in the culture, both ancient and modern.

Thai History

Informative information concerning the history of Thailand starting in the 8th century through the present twentieth century.

Windows on China

A long list of links to sites including lesson plans and teaching resources that provide information on all aspects of the history and culture of China.

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Australia Guide

Historical information, maps, flags, weather, government, and other resources.

Culture Quest World Tour to Australia

Join Parsifal Penguin and Ophelia Owl as they journey through Australia to investigate the customs, beliefs, and art of various cultures.

Destination Australia

Explore a variety of resources and several slide shows.

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Explore the history, culture, photographs, maps, and news of Albania and the Albanian territories.

BBC Online History: Timeline

Multi-level timelines of the histories of Britain, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Kings and Queens.

Bosnia Home Page

Current and historical information on many facets of life in Bosnia.

Culture Quest World Tour to Europe

Join Parsifal Penguin and Ophelia Owl as they journey through France, Greece, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom to investigate the customs, beliefs, and art of various cultures.

Elizabethan England

Daily life, historical events and famous people, arts and architecture, Shakespeare and his theater, and more from Springfield Public School System #186.

France on the WWW

Information available in English, Spanish, and French.


Learn about Germany's people, geography, economy, and more.


History, facts, and more.

Iceland, Basic Facts

Find a variety of information, ranging from the arts to government.


History, culture, and Christian heritage links.


Links to various sources that contain information on Ireland.

Irish Dance

The History of Irish Dance.


The list and map of Italian WWW servers.


A collection of everything about the city of Paris, from its culture to its monuments.


Find interesting information about Poland and Polish culture.


Information and resources on Portugal and her people.

Wales: Building a Nation

Dr. John Davies, a leading historian, presents the history of Wales for the Web.

Wales/ CYRMU

Britannia.com provides these resources on the history, traditions, language, literature, and culture of Wales.

Wales History

A Lonely Planet guide to the history of the ancient and modern Wales.

Wales: History and Culture

Explore castles, ancient and historic monuments, discover a century of social and political campaigning as well as other historical references involving the Celts and Wales.

Wandering Italy

Using Real Space virtual reality technology, this site is a multimedia unit on Italy.

Wonderland Bulgaria

A collection of links to information and resources, including the land, history, people, ethnography and folklore, and and Bulgarian cuisine.

United Kingdom

Find out about the UK from A to Z.

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North America

4Directions Challenge

A Native American community of learners who communicate through the use of technology and ensure that Native peoples' voices are heard in the information age.

50 States and Capitals

Quick facts and links to general information about geography, economics, politics and people of each state.

The African-American Mosaic

Information on black history and culture, covering 500 years of black experience in the Western Hemisphere.

American Indians and the Natural World

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History presents this online exhibit.

The Aztecs

This site is full of pictures of artifacts and factual information about the Aztecs from Mexico and Central America.

Black Quest - Power Resource Links

A comprehensive source and gateway to African and African American history, culture and society.

Canadiana: The Canadian Resources Page

Information about Canada, including provinces and geographic regions.

Canada's National History Society

Selected articles from the historical society's magazine and related links to other history sites.

Culture Quest World Tour to North America

Join Parsifal Penguin and Ophelia Owl as they journey through Canada, Mexico, and the United States to investigate the customs, beliefs, and art of various cultures.

Desert Peoples

From ancient peoples to Native Americans.

Desert USA

An online magazine that provides information on minerals, geology, animals, wildlife, plants, wildflowers, people, and cultures of the desert regions in the United States.

Destination Chile and Easter Island

Find information ranging from the environment, economy, culture, and history, to a slide show.

Grand Canyon National Park Home Page

Visit the Grand Canyon and take a virtual tour.


Provides information about the Aztec culture, Cortes, the French Intervention, Diaz, the Revolution, and related links that support additional research.

Mexico for Kids

This site offers information about the history (Mesoamerica to contemporary Mexico) government, geography, literature, games and music of Mexico.

Mexico Online News

Information and resources on many topics.

Native Americans

Contains many links to information about the Nations, the life and culture of the People, and other sites related to Native American Indians.

Native American Resources

Links to tribal home pages, calendar of events, Native American art and culture, and government and educational resources.

Native American Sites

Many American Indian sites covering language, environment, genealogy, anthropology, archaeology, art, museums, etc.


This site provides information on Native American geography, culture, literature, language, journals, and much more.

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South America

Brazil: Bem-Vindo Ao Brazil

A guide to South America's largest country, Brazil, in English.

Culture Quest World Tour to Central and South America

Join Parsifal Penguin and Ophelia Owl as they journey through Brazil and Chile to investigate the customs, beliefs, and art of various cultures.

Cultures of the Andes

Music, photos, poems and stories from the Andes mountain region of South America.







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