With the exception of the devastation associated with September 11, 2001, no other disaster in history has captured so much drama as the loss of the RMS Titanic. Though she sunk to her final resting place on April 15, 1912, Titanic still manages to capture the inquisitive minds of all who hear her tale.

TITANIC: The Project, reappears to the Class of 2002-2003 after a 5 year absence from the projects that are associated with our classes. The Class of 1997-1998 had a blast with the original project that followed on the tails of the film, Titanic. After writing original poetry and completing the bulletin board, the Class of 1997-1998 was thrilled to be in the Asbury Park Press for the project.

The project ties in with the "Lifeboat Essay" and in 2003 is directly linked with the Constitution Project and Mock Trial.

Students are divided into groups to research aspects of the famous maiden voyage of the doomed vessel.

Students research the survivors of the disaster

Those that were lost at sea are remembered with a memorial

A ratio will be completed to compare the loss of life between the First, Second and Third Class Passengers

Rumors of the disaster are dispelled with the truth behind certain legends

A huge bulletin board art project is completed between the classrooms

In 2004, students are brought to The Franklin Institute to come face to face with the artifacts that were salvaged from the Titanic on the Ocean Floor. An extensive report on the Titanic will be completed by the Science Theory Essay NEW for 2004-2005.

In 2012, with the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic's sinking, the mock trial centers on the guilt or innocence of the Titanic's owners in the area of negligence. In addition, the Science Theory Essay and the "Lifeboat Essay" are moved to coincide with the anniversary date of the sinking.  

April 14, 1912, 11:40 PM - The crow's nest bell suddenly rings three times followed by the ringing of the crow's nest telephone on the bridge. The telephone is answered by Sixth Officer Moody, who hears Lookout Fredrick Fleet's urgent warning, "Iceberg, right ahead!" First Officer Murdoch, on watch on the bridge orders the engines stopped and then full astern and also orders the helmsman, Quartermaster Hitchens, to turn the helm hard astarboard.

At 2:18 the lights blink once and then go out for good. Several survivors report seeing the ship break in two between the third and fourth funnels. The bow section sinks and the stern settles back nearly level.

At 2:20 the stern section, now filling with water, tilts into a position that is nearly perpendicular to the water's surface and steadily sinks. 1500 people now struggle in the icy water. Most of the lifeboats that had rowed away from the ship with empty seats for fear of suction pulling them under when Titanic sank now refuse to return to the aid of those in the water for fear of being swamped. There they sat, listening to the screams of the dying, hearing the final pleas for help, "I know you can hear me, please save one life!" Many survivors later said they coped with this by convincing themselves that the screams and pleas they heard were not from their loved ones.


Builder: Harland & Wolff
Length: 882.75 feet
Beam: 92.5 feet
Weight: 46,328 gross tons
Displacement: 66,000 tons
Height (keel to top of funnels): 175 feet
Height (waterline to Boat Deck): 60.5 feet
Horsepower: 55,000 registered
Top speed: 24-25 knots
Watertight Compartments: 16
Date Launched: May 31, 1911
Lifeboat Capacity: 1,178 persons




Survivors are indicated with an asterisk (*) next to their name.


Abbing, Anthony -Passenger
Abbott, E. -Pantryman
Abbott, Eugene -Passenger
Abbott, Rosa* -Passenger
Abbott, Rossmore -Passenger
Abelseth, Karen* -Passenger
Abelseth, Olaus* -Passenger
Abelson, Mrs Hanna* -Passenger
Abelson, Mr Samson -Passenger
Abraham, C. -Fireman
Abramson, August* -Passenger
Adahl, Mauritz -Passenger
Adams, J. -Passenger
Adams, R. -Fireman
Adolf, Humblin* -Passenger
Ahier, P. -Saloon steward
Ahlin, Johanna -Passenger
Ahmed, Ali -Passenger
Akerman, J. -Assistant pantryman
Akermann, A. -Steward
Aks, Filly* -Passenger
Aks, Leah* -Passenger
Aldworth, Mr C. -Passenger
Alexander, William -Passenger
Alhomaki, Ilmari -Passenger
Ali, William -Passenger
Allan, F. -Lift attendant
Allan, R. -Bedroom steward
Allaria, Baptiste -Assistant waiter
Allen, E. -Scullion
Allen, E.* -Trimmer
Allen, Miss Elizabeth Walton* -Passenger
Allen, H. -Fireman
Allen, William -Passenger
Allison, Mr H. J. -Passenger
Allison, Mrs H. J. and Maid* -Passengers
Allison, Miss L. -Passenger
Allison, Master T.* and Nurse* -Passengers
Allsop, F. -Saloon steward
Allum, Owen G. -Passenger
Alsopp, Alfred S. -Junior Electrician
Anderson, Albert -Passenger
Anderson, Alfreda -Passenger
Anderson, Anders -Passenger
Anderson, Carla* -Passenger
Anderson, Ebba (child) -Passenger
Anderson, Ellis -Passenger
Anderson, Erna* -Passenger
Anderson, Mr Harry* -Passenger
Anderson, Ida Augusta -Passenger
Anderson, Ingeborg (child) -Passenger
Anderson, J.* -Able bodied seaman
Anderson, Paul Edvin -Passenger
Anderson, Samuel -Passenger
Anderson, Sigrid (child) -Passenger
Anderson, Sigvard (child) -Passenger
Anderson, Thor -Passenger
Anderson, W. -Bedroom steward
Andrew, Mr Edgar -Passenger
Andrew, Mr Frank -Passenger
Andrews, Charles E.* -Assistant steward
Andrews, Miss Cornelia I.* -Passenger
Andrews, Mr Thomas -Passenger
Angheloff, Minko -Passenger
Angle, Mrs* -Passenger
Angle, Mr William -Passenger
Appleton, Mrs E. D.* -Passenger
Archer, Ernest* -Able bodied seaman
Arnold, Joseph -Passenger
Arnold, Josephine -Passenger
Aronsson, Ernest Axel A. -Passenger
Artagaveytia, Mr Ramon -Passenger
Ashby, Mr John -Passenger
Ashcroft, A. -Clerk
Ashe, H. G. H. -Steward
Asim, Adola -Passenger
Aspelagi, G. -Assistant plateman
Aspland, Felix* (child) -Passenger
Asplund, Carl (child) -Passenger
Asplund, Charles -Passenger
Asplund, Gustaf (child) -Passenger
Asplund, Johan* -Passenger
Asplund, Lillian* (child) -Passenger
Asplund, Oscar (child) -Passenger
Asplund, Selma* -Passenger
Assaf, Marian* -Passenger
Assam, Ali -Passenger
Astor, Colonel J. J. and Manservant -Passengers
Astor, Mrs J. J* and Maid* -Passengers
Attala, Malake -Passenger
Aubert, Mrs N.* and Maid* -Passengers
Augustsan, Albert -Passenger
Avery, J.* -Trimmer
Ayling, E. -Assistant vegetable cook


Back, C. -Assistant attendant
Backstrom, Karl -Passenger
Backstrom, Marie* -Passenger
Baclini, Eugene* -Passenger
Baclini, Helene* -Passenger
Baclini, Latila* -Passenger
Baclini, Maria* -Passenger
Badman, Emily* -Passenger
Badt, Mohamed -Passenger
Baggott, A.* -Saloon steward
Bagley, E. -Saloon steward
Bailey, G. -Saloon steward
Bailey, G. W. -Fireman
Bailey, W.* -Master at arms
Baily, Mr Percy -Passenger
Baimbridge, Mr Chas. R. -Passenger
Baines, Rich -Greaser
Balkic, Cerin -Passenger
Ball, Percy* -Plate washer
Ball, W. -Fireman
Balls, Mrs Ada E.* -Passenger
Banfield, Mr Frederick J. -Passenger
Bannon, John -Greaser
Banoura, Ayout* -Passenger
Banous, Elias -Passenger
Barbara, Catherine -Passenger
Barbara, Saude -Passenger
Barker, A. -Assistant baker
Barker, E. -Saloon steward
Barker, Reginald L. -Second Purser
Barker, T. -Assistant butcher
Barkworth, Mr A. H.* -Passenger
Barlow, C. -Fireman
Barlow, G. -Bedroom steward
Barnes, Chas -Fireman
Barnes, J. -Fireman
Barnes, W. -Assistant baker
Barrett, A. -Bell boy
Barrett, F. W. -Fireman
Barrett, Fredrick* -Leading fireman
Barringer, A. -Saloon steward
Barrow, H. -Assistant butcher
Barrows, W. -Saloon steward
Barry, Julia -Passenger
Barton, David -Passenger
Barton, S. -Steward
Basilico, G. -Waiter
Bateman, Mr Robert J. -Passenger
Baumann, Mr J. -Passenger
Baxter, F. -Linen keeper
Baxter, H. R. -Steward
Baxter, Mrs James* -Passenger
Baxter, Mr Quigg -Passenger
Bazzi, L. -Waiter
Beane, Mr Edward* -Passenger
Beane, Mrs Ethel* -Passenger
Beattie, F. -Greaser
Beattie, Mr T. -Passenger
Beauchamp, George* -Fireman
Beauchamp, Mr H. J. -Passenger
Beavan, W. T. -Passenger
Becker, Mrs A. O.* and three children -Passengers
Beckwith, Mr R. L.* -Passenger
Beckwith, Mrs R. L.* -Passenger
Beedman, G. -Bedroom steward
Beere, William -Kitchen Porter
Beesley, Mr Lawrence* -Passenger
Behr, Mr K. H.* -Passenger
Belford, Walter* -Chief night baker
Bell, Joseph -Chief Engineer
Bendell, T. -Fireman
Benhem, T. -Saloon steward
Bennett, G. -Fireman
Bennett, Mrs.* -Stewardess
Benson, John Viktor -Passenger
Bentham, Miss Lilian W.* -Passenger
Benville, E. -Fireman
Berglund, Ivar -Passenger
Berkeland, Hans -Passenger
Bernardi, B. -Assistant waiter
Berriman, Mr William -Passenger
Berthold, Florentini -Assistant scullery man
Bessant, E. -Baggage master
Bessant, W. -Fireman
Best, E. -Saloon steward
Betros, Tannous -Passenger
Beux, D. -Assistant waiter
Bevis, J. -Trimmer
Biddlecombe, C. -Fireman
Bietrix, G. -Sauce cook
Biggs, E. -Fireman
Billiard, A. van -Passenger
Billiard, James (child) -Passenger
Billiard, Walter (child) -Passenger
Billows, J. -Trimmer
Bing, Lee* -Passenger
Binstead, Walter* -Trimmer
Bishop, Mr D. H.* -Passenger
Bishop, Mrs D. H.* -Passenger
Bishop, W. -Bedroom steward
Bjorklund, Ernst -Passenger
Bjornstrom, Mr H. -Passenger
Black, A. -Fireman
Black, D. -Fireman
Blackman, H. -Fireman
Blackwell, Mr Stephen Weart -Passenger
Blake, P.* -Trimmer
Blake, Seaton -Mess steward
Blake, T. -Fireman
Blancy, J. -Fireman
Blank, Mr Henry* -Passenger
Blann, Eustace -Fireman
Bliss, Miss* -Stewardess
Blumet, J. -Plateman
Bochet, G. -Second waiter
Bochetez, J. -Assistant chef
Bogie, L. -Bedroom steward
Bolhens, H. -Larder cook
Bond, W. -Bedroom steward
Bonnell, Miss Caroline* -Passenger
Bonnell, Miss Lily* -Passenger
Boothby, W. -Bedroom steward
Borebank, Mr J. J. -Passenger
Bostandyeff, Guentcho -Passenger
Boston, W. -Assistant deck steward
Botsford, Mr W. Hull -Passenger
Bott, W. -Greaser
Boughton, E. -Saloon steward
Boulos, Akar (child) -Passenger
Boulos, Hanna -Passenger
Boulos, Nourelain* -Passenger
Boulos, Sultani -Passenger
Bourke, Catherine -Passenger
Bourke, John -Passenger
Bowen, David -Passenger
Bowen, Miss* -Passenger
Bowenur, Mr Solomon -Passenger
Bowerman, Miss Elsie* -Passenger
Bowker, Miss Little -Cashier
Boxhall, Joseph Grove* -Fourth Officer
Boyd, J. -Saloon steward
Boyes, H. -Saloon steward
Bracken, Mr Jas. H. -Passenger
Bradley, Bridget* -Passenger
Bradley, F. -Able bodied seaman
Bradley, P. -Fireman
Bradshaw, J. -Plate washer
Brady, Mr John B. -Passenger
Braf, Elin Ester -Passenger
Brailey, Theodore -Pianist
Brandeis, Mr E. -Passenger
Braund, Lewis -Passenger
Braund, Owen -Passenger
Brayton, Mr George* -Passenger
Brewe, Dr Dr Arthur Jackson -Passenger
Brewer, H. -Trimmer
Brewster, G. H. -Bedroom steward
Brice, W.* -Able bodied seaman
Bricoux, Roger -Cellist
Bride, Harold* -Second Marconi operator
Brigge, W. -Fireman
Bright, Arthur John* -Quartermaster
Bristow, Robert C. -Steward
Bristowe, H. -Saloon steward
Brito, Mr Jose de -Passenger
Brobek, Carl R. -Passenger
Brocklebank, William -Passenger
Brookman, J. -Steward
Brooks, J. -Trimmer
Broom, H. -Bath steward
Broome, Athol -Assistant Veranda Cafe
Brown, Miss E.* -Passenger
Brown, Edward* -Saloon steward
Brown, J. -Fireman
Brown, Mrs J. J.* -Passenger
Brown, Mrs J. M.* -Passenger
Brown, Miss Mildred* -Passenger
Brown, Mrs -Passenger
Brown, Mr S. -Passenger
Brown, W. -Saloon steward
Bryhl, Mr Curt -Passenger
Bryhl, Miss Dagmar* -Passenger
Buckley, Daniel* -Passenger
Buckley, H. -Assistant vegetable cook
Buckley, Katherine -Passenger
Bucknell, Mrs W.* and Maid* -Passengers
Buley, Edward J.* -Able bodied seaman
Bull, W. -Scullion
Bully, H. -Boots
Bunmell, F. -Plate washer
Burgess, Charles* -Extra third baker
Burke, Jeremiak -Passenger
Burke, Mary -Passenger
Burke, R. -Lounge attendant
Burke, William* -Saloon steward
Burns, Mary -Passenger
Burr, E. -Saloon steward
Burrage, Burrage. A.* -Plates
Burroughs, A. -Fireman
Burton, E. -Fireman
Buss, Miss Kate* -Passenger
Butler, Mr Reginald -Passenger
Butt, Major Major Archibald W. -Passenger
Butt, Robert -Saloon steward
Butt, W. -Fireman
Butterworth, J. -Saloon steward
Byles, Rev Thomas R. D. -Passenger
Byrne, J. -Bedroom steward
Bystrom, Miss Karolina -Passenger


Cacic, Grego -Passenger
Cacic, Luka -Passenger
Cacic, Manda -Passenger
Cacic, Maria -Passenger
Calderhead, Mr E. P.* -Passenger
Calderwood, H. -Trimmer
Caldwell, Mr Albert F.* -Passenger
Caldwell, Master Alden G.* -Passenger
Caldwell, Mrs Sylvia* -Passenger
Calie, Peter -Passenger
Cameron, Miss Clear* -Passenger
Camner, J. -Fireman
Campbell, D. S. -Clerk
Canavan, Mary -Passenger
Candee, Mrs Churchill* -Passenger
Cann, Erenst -Passenger
Cannavan, Pat -Passenger
Car, Jeannie -Passenger
Caram, Joseph -Passenger
Caram, Maria -Passenger
Carbines, Mr William -Passenger
Cardoza, Mrs J. W. M.* and Maid -Passengers
Cardoza, Mr T. D. M* and Manservant -Passengers
Carlson, Carl R. -Passenger
Carlson, Mr Frank -Passenger
Carlsson, August Sigfrid -Passenger
Carlsson, Julius -Passenger
Carney, William -Lift attendant
Carr, Ellen -Passenger
Carr, R. -Trimmer
Carran, Mr F. M. -Passenger
Carran, Mr J. P. -Passenger
Carter, F. -Trimmer
Carter, Mrs Lillian -Passenger
Carter, Miss Lucile* -Passenger
Carter, Master William T.* and Manservant -Passengers
Carter, Rev Rev Ernest C. -Passenger
Carter, Mr William E.* -Passenger
Carter, Mrs William E.* and Maid -Passengers
Cartwright, J. -Saloon steward
Carver, A. -Passenger
Case, Mr Howard B. -Passenger
Casey, T. -Trimmer
Cassebeer, Mrs H. A.* -Passenger
Casswill, C. -Saloon steward
Castleman, E. -Greaser
Caton, Miss* -Turkish Bath attendant
Caunt, W. -Grill cook
Cave, Herbert -Saloon steward
Cavell, George* -Trimmer
Cavendish, Mrs T. W.* and Maid* -Passengers
Cavendish, Mr T.W. -Passenger
Cbronopoulos, Demetrios -Passenger
Cecil, C. -Steward
Celotti, Francesco -Passenger
Chaffee, Mr Herbert F. -Passenger
Chaffee, Mrs Herbert F.* -Passenger
Chambers, Mr N. C.* -Passenger
Chambers, Mrs N. C.* -Passenger
Chapman, Mr Charles -Passenger
Chapman, Mrs Elizabeth -Passenger
Chapman, J.* -Boots
Chapman, Mr John H. -Passenger
Charboison, A. -Roast cook
Charman, John -Saloon steward
Chartens, David -Passenger
Chehab, Emir Farres -Passenger
Cherrett, W. -Fireman
Cherry, Miss Gladys* -Passenger
Cheverton, W. F. -Saloon steward
Chevre, Mr Paul* -Passenger
Chibnafl, Mrs E. M. Bowerman* -Passenger
Chip, Chang* -Passenger
Chisholm, Mr Robert -Passenger
Chisnall, G. -Boilermaker
Chitty, G. -Steward
Chitty, G. -Assistant baker
Chorley, J. -Fireman
Christmann, Emil -Passenger
Christmas, H. -Assistant steward
Christy, Mrs Alice* -Passenger
Christy, Miss Juli* -Passenger
Chronopoulos, Apostolos -Passenger
Church, G. -Able bodied seaman
Clark, T. -Bedroom steward
Clark, W.* -Fireman
Clark, Mr Walter M. -Passenger
Clark, Mrs Walter M.* -Passenger
Clarke, Mrs Ada Maria* -Passenger
Clarke, Mr Charles V. -Passenger
Clarke, J. Fred C. -Bass violist
Clench, Fredrick* -Able bodied seaman
Clench, G. -Able bodied seaman
Clifford, Mr George Quincy -Passenger
Coe, H. -Trimmer
Coelho, Domingos Fernardeo -Passenger
Coffey, John -Fireman (deserted in Queenstown)
Cohen, Gurshon* -Passenger
Colbert, Patrick -Passenger
Coleff, Fotio -Passenger
Coleff, Peyo -Passenger
Coleman, A. -Saloon steward
Coleman, J. -Mess steward
Coleridge, Mr R. C. -Passenger
Colgan, J.* -Scullion
Collander, Mr Erik -Passenger
Collett, Mr Stuart* -Passenger
Colley, Mr E. P. -Passenger
Collins, John* -Scullion
Collins, Samuel* -Fireman
Collyer, Mrs Charlotte* -Passenger
Collyer, Mr Harvey* -Passenger
Collyer, Miss Marjorie* -Passenger
Compton, Mrs A. T.* -Passenger
Compton, Mr A. T., Jr. -Passenger
Compton, Miss S. P.* -Passenger
Conlin, Thos. H. -Passenger
Connaghton, Michel -Passenger
Connors, Pat -Passenger
Conolly, Kate -Passenger
Conolly, Kate* -Passenger
Conway, P. -Saloon steward
Cook, George -Saloon steward
Cook, Jacob -Passenger
Coombes, G.* -Fireman
Coombs, C. -Assistant cook
Cooper, H. -Fireman
Cooper, J. -Trimmer
Copperthwaite, B. -Fireman
Cor, Bartol -Passenger
Cor, Ivan -Passenger
Cor, Ludovik -Passenger
Corben, E. T. -Assistant printer
Corbett, Mrs Irene -Passenger
Corcoran, D. -Fireman
Corey, Mrs C. P. -Passenger
Corn, Harry -Passenger
Cornaire, M. -Assistant roast
Cornell, Mrs R. G.* -Passenger
Cotterill, Mr Harry -Passenger
Cotton, A. -Fireman
Couch, J. -Greaser
Couper, R.* -Fireman
Coutin, A. -Entree cook
Coutts, Leslie (child)* -Passenger
Coutts, William (child)* -Passenger
Coutts, Winnie* -Passenger
Cox, Denton -Steward
Coxom, Daniel -Passenger
Coy, F. E. G. -Junior third assistant engineer
Crabb, H. -Trimmer
Crafter, F.* -Saloon steward
Crafton, Mr John B. -Passenger
Crawford, Alfred* -Bedroom steward
Crease, Ernest James -Passenger
Creese, H. -Deck engineer
Cribb, Alice* -Passenger
Cribb, John Hatfield -Passenger
Crimmins, J.* -Fireman
Crisp, H. -Saloon steward
Crispin, W. G. H. -Steward
Crosbie, J. B. -Turkish Bath attendant
Crosby, Mr Edward G. -Passenger
Crosby, Mrs Edward G.* -Passenger
Crosby, Miss Harriet* -Passenger
Cross, W. -Fireman
Crouch, F. -Able bodied seaman
Crovelle, Louis -Assistant waiter
Crowe, George F.* -Saloon steward
Crumplin, C. -Bedroom steward
Cullen, C.* -Bedroom steward
Cummings, Mr John Bradley -Passenger
Cummings, Mrs John Bradley* -Passenger
Cunningham, Andrew* -Bedroom steward
Cunningham, B. -Fireman
Curtis, A. -Fireman


Dahl, Charles* -Passenger
Dahl, Mauritz* -Passenger
Dahlberg, Gerda -Passenger
Dakic, Branko -Passenger
Daly, Eugene* -Passenger
Daly, Marcella* -Passenger
Daly, Mr P. D.* -Passenger
Danbom, Ernest -Passenger
Danbom, Gillber (infant) -Passenger
Daniel, Mr Robert W.* -Passenger
Daniels, S.* -Steward
Danoff, Sigrid -Passenger
Danoff, Yoto -Passenger
Dantchoff, Khristo -Passenger
Dashwood, W. -Saloon steward
Davidson, Mr Thornton -Passenger
Davidson, Mrs Thornton* -Passenger
Davies, Alfred -Passenger
Davies, Mr Charles -Passenger
Davies, Evan -Passenger
Davies, Gordon -Bedroom steward
Davies, J. -Extra second baker
Davies, John -Passenger
Davies, Joseph -Passenger
Davies, R. J. -Saloon steward
Davies, T. -Leading fireman
Davis, Mrs Agnes* -Passenger
Davis, Miss Mary* -Passenger
Davis, Master John M.* -Passenger
Davis, Stephen J. -Able bodied seaman
Davison, Mary* -Passenger
Davison, Thomas H. -Passenger
Dawson, J. -Trimmer
Deacon, Mr Percy -Passenger
Dean, Mr Bertram F. -Passenger
Dean, Bertran (child)* -Passenger
Dean, G. -Assistant steward
Dean, Mrs Hetty* -Passenger
Dean, Vera (infant)* -Passenger
Deeble, A. -Saloon steward
Delalic, Regyo -Passenger
Denbou, Mr Herbert -Passenger
Denison, ? -Purser
Denkoff, Mito -Passenger
Dennarsico, ? -Assistant waiter
Dennis, Samuel -Passenger
Dennis, William -Passenger
Derkings, Edward* -Passenger
Derrett, A. -Saloon steward
Deslands, P. -Saloon steward
Desvernini, L. -Assistant pastry
Devanoy, Margaret* -Passenger
Dewan, Frank -Passenger
Diaper, J.* -Fireman
Dibden, Mr William -Passenger
Dibo, Elias -Passenger
Dick, Mr A. A.* -Passenger
Dick, Mrs A. A.* -Passenger
Dickson, W. -Trimmer
Dilley, J.* -Fireman
Dillon, Thomas Patrick* -Trimmer
Dimic, Jovan -Passenger
Dineage, J. -Saloon steward
Dintcheff, Valtcho -Passenger
Dodd, E. C. -Junior third engineer
Dodd, George -Chief second steward
Dodd, R. -Junior fourth assistant engineer
Dodge, Master Washington* -Passenger
Dodge, Dr Washington* -Passenger
Dodge, Mrs Washington* -Passenger
Doel, F.* -Fireman
Dolby, J. -Reception room attendant
Doling, Mrs Ada* -Passenger
Doling, Miss Elsie* -Passenger
Donati, Italio -Assistant waiter
Donoghue, F. -Bedroom steward
Dooley, Patrick -Passenger
Dore, A.* -Trimmer
Dornier, S. -Assistant fish
Doughty, W. -Saloon steward
Douglas, Mrs F. C.* -Passenger
Douglas, Mr W. D. -Passenger
Douglas, Mrs W. D.* and Maid -Passengers
Dowdell, Elizabeth* -Passenger
Downton, Mr William J. -Passenger
Doyle, Elin -Passenger
Doyle, F. -Fireman
Drachstedt, Baron von* -Passenger
Drapkin, Jenie* -Passenger
Drazenovie, Josip -Passenger
Drew, Mr James V. -Passenger
Drew, Mrs Lulu* -Passenger
Drew, Master Marshall* -Passenger
Driscoll, Bridget* -Passenger
Duffy, William -Writer
Dugemin, Joseph* -Passenger
Dulles, Mr William C. -Passenger
Dunford, W. -Hospital steward
Duran, Miss Asimcion* -Passenger
Duran, Miss Florentina* -Passenger
Dyer, Henry Ryland -Senior fourth assistant engineer
Dyer, W. -Saloon steward
Dyker, Adoff -Passenger
Dyker, Elizabeth* -Passenger
Dymond, Frank* -Fireman


Eagle, A. J. -Trimmer
Earnshew, Mrs Boulton* -Passenger
Eastman, C. -Greaser
Ecimovic, Joso -Passenger
Edbrooke, F. -Steward
Ede, G. B. -Steward
Edge, F. -Deck steward
Edwards, C. -Assistant pantryman
Edwardsson, Gustaf -Passenger
Egg, W. H. -Steward
Eitemiller, Mr G. F. -Passenger
Eklunz, Hans -Passenger
Ekstrom, Johan -Passenger
Elias, Joseph -Passenger
Elias, Joseph* -Passenger
Elliott, Everett Edward -Trimmer
Ellis, J.* -Assistant vegetable cook
Elsbury, James -Passenger
Emanuel, Ethet* (child) -Passenger
Emmeth, Thomas -Passenger
Enander, Mr Ingvar -Passenger
Endres, Miss Caroline* -Passenger
Ennis, W. -Turkish Bath attendant
Ervine, George -Assistant electrician
Etches, Henry Samuel* -Bedroom steward
Eustis, Miss E. M.* -Passenger
Evans, Alfred Frank* -Lookout
Evans, Miss E. -Passenger
Evans, Frank O. -Able bodied seaman
Evans, George -Steward
Evans, W. -Trimmer
Everett, Thomas J. -Passenger


Fabini, Leeni* -Passenger
Fahlstrom, Mr Arne J. -Passenger
Fairall, H. -Saloon steward
Fanette, M. -Assistant waiter
Farquharson, W. -Senior second engineer
Farrell, James -Passenger
Farrendon, E. -Confectioner
Fat-ma, Mustmani* -Passenger
Faulkner, William* -Bedroom steward
Faunthorpe, Mr Harry -Passenger
Faunthorpe, Mrs Lizzie* -Passenger
Fay, F. -Greaser
Fei, Carlo -Sculleryman
Fellows, A. -Assistant boots
Feltham, G. -Vienna
Fenton, F. -Saloon steward
Ferrary, Auto -Trimmer
Ferris, W. -Leading fireman
Fillbrook, Mr Charles -Passenger
Finch, H. -Steward
Finote, Luigi* -Passenger
Fischer, Eberhard -Passenger
Fitzpatrick, C. W.* -Mess steward
Fitzpatrick, H. -Junior boilermaker
Flarty, E.* -Fireman
Fleet, Fredrick* -Lookout
Flegenheim, Mrs A.* -Passenger
Fletcher, P. W. -Bugler
Flynn, Mr J. I.* -Passenger
Flynn, James -Passenger
Flynn, John -Passenger
Foley, Jack* -Storekeeper
Foley, Joseph -Passenger
Foley, W. C.* -Steward
Foley, William -Passenger
Foo, Choong* -Passenger
Ford, Arthur -Passenger
Ford, Mrs D. M. -Passenger
Ford, E. -Steward
Ford, Mr E. W. -Passenger
Ford, F. -Bedroom steward
Ford, H. -Trimmer
Ford, M. W. T. N. -Passenger
Ford, Maggie (child) -Passenger
Ford, Margaret -Passenger
Ford, Thomas -Leading fireman
Foreman, Mr B. L. -Passenger
Fortune, Miss Alice* -Passenger
Fortune, Mr Charles -Passenger
Fortune, Miss Ethel* -Passenger
Fortune, Miss Mabel* -Passenger
Fortune, Mr Mark -Passenger
Fortune, Mrs Mark -Passenger
Forward, J.* -Able bodied seaman
Foster, A. -Storekeeper
Fox, Patrick -Passenger
Fox, Mr Stanley H. -Passenger
Fox, W. T. -Steward
Frankin, A. -Saloon steward
Franklin, Charles -Passenger
Franklin, Mr T. P. -Passenger
Fraser, J. -Junior third assistant engineer
Fraser, J. -Fireman
Frauenthal, Dr Henry W.* -Passenger
Frauenthal, Mrs Henry W.* -Passenger
Frauenthal, Mr T. G.* -Passenger
Fredricks, W.* -Trimmer
Freeman, Ernest E. S. -Deck steward, Ismay's Secretary
French, William* -Crew
Frolicher, Miss Marguerite* -Passenger
Fropper, R.* -Saloon steward
Fryer, A.* -Trimmer
Funk, Miss Annie -Passenger
Futrelle, Mr J. -Passenger
Futrelle, Mrs J.* -Passenger
Fynney, Mr Jos. -Passenger


Gale, Mr Harry -Passenger
Gale, Mr Shadrach -Passenger
Gallagher, Martin -Passenger
Gardner, F. -Greaser
Garside, Miss Ethel* -Passenger
Garthfirth, John -Passenger
Gaskell, Mr Alfred -Passenger
Gatti, L. -Manager
Gavey, Mr Lawrence -Passenger
Geddes, R. -Bedroom steward
Gee, Mr Arthur -Passenger
Geer, A. -Fireman
Gerios, Assaf -Passenger
Gerios, Youssef -Passenger
Gerios, Youssef -Passenger
Gheorgheff, Stanio -Passenger
Gibbons, J. W.* -Saloon steward
Gibson, Miss D.* -Passenger
Gibson, Mrs L.* -Passenger
Giglio, Mr Victor -Passenger
Gilardino, V. -Waiter
Gilbert, Mr William -Passenger
Giles, Mr Edgar -Passenger
Giles, Mr Fred -Passenger
Giles, J. -Second baker
Giles, Mr Ralph -Passenger
Gilinski, Leslie -Passenger
Gill, Mr John -Passenger
Gill, P. -Ship's cook
Gill, S. -Bedroom steward
Gillespie, Mr William -Passenger
Gilnegh, Katie* -Passenger
Givard, Mr Hans K. -Passenger
Glynn, Mary* -Passenger
Godley, G.* -Fireman
Godwin, Frederick* -Passenger
Gold, Mrs Kate* -Stewardess
Goldenberg, Mr S. L.* -Passenger
Goldenberg, Mrs S. L.* -Passenger
Golder, M. W. -Fireman
Goldschmidt, Mrs George B. -Passenger
Goldsmith, Emily A.* -Passenger
Goldsmith, Frank J. -Passenger
Goldsmith, Frank J. W.* -Passenger
Goldsmith, Nathan -Passenger
Gollop, C. -Assistant cook
Goncalves, Manoel E. -Passenger
Goodwin, Augusta -Passenger
Goodwin, Charles E. -Passenger
Goodwin, Harold (child) -Passenger
Goodwin, Jessie (child) -Passenger
Goodwin, Lillian A. -Passenger
Goodwin, Sidney (child) -Passenger
Goodwin, William F. (child) -Passenger
Gordon, J. -Trimmer
Gordon, Lady Duff* and Maid* -Passengers
Gordon, Sir Cosmo Duff* -Passenger
Goree, F. -Greaser
Goshawk, A. -Saloon steward
Gosling, B. -Trimmer
Gosling, S. -Trimmer
Gracie, Colonel Archibald* -Passenger
Graham, Miss Margaret* -Passenger
Graham, Mr -Passenger
Graham, T.* -Fireman
Graham, Mrs William G.* -Passenger
Graves, S. -Fireman
Green, G. -Trimmer
Green, George -Passenger
Greenberg, Mr Samuel -Passenger
Greenfield, Mrs L. D.* -Passenger
Greenfield, Mrs W. B.* -Passenger
Gregory, D. -Greaser
Gregson, Miss* -Stewardess
Grodidge, E. -Fireman
Gronnestad, Daniel D. -Passenger
Gros, Claude G. -Assistant coffee man,
Guest, Robert -Passenger
Guggenheim, Mr Benjamin -Passenger
Gullio, Casali -Waiter
Gunn, J. -Assistant steward
Gunnery, G. -Mess steward
Gustafson, Alfred -Passenger
Gustafson, Anders -Passenger
Gustafson, Johan -Passenger
Gustafsson, Gideon -Passenger
Guy, J.* -Assistant boots
Gwinn, William -Postal clerk


Haas, Aloisia -Passenger
Hadman, Oscar* -Passenger
Hagan, J.* -Fireman
Hagan, John* -Able bodied seaman
Hagardon, Kate -Passenger
Hagarty, Nora -Passenger
Hagland, Ingvald O. -Passenger
Hagland, Konrad R. -Passenger
Haines, Albert* -Boatswain's mate
Hakkurainen, Elin* -Passenger
Hakkurainen, Pekko -Passenger
Hale, Mr Reginald -Passenger
Halford, R.* -Steward
Hall, F. -Scullion
Hall, J. -Fireman
Hallett, G. -Fireman
Halloway, S. -Assistant clothes presser
Hamalainer, Mrs Anna* and Infant* -Passengers
Hamblyn, Ernest William -Bedroom steward
Hamilton, E. -Assistant S. R. steward
Hampe, Leon -Passenger
Hands, B. -Fireman
Hankonen, Eluna* -Passenger
Hanna, Mansour -Passenger
Hannam, G. -Fireman
Hansen, Claus -Passenger
Hansen, Henry Damgavd -Passenger
Hansen, Janny* -Passenger
Hanson, Peter C. -Passenger
Harbeck, Mr Wm. H. -Passenger
Harder, Mr George A.* -Passenger
Harder, Mrs George A.* -Passenger
Harder, William* -Window cleaner
Harding, A. -Assistant bedroom steward
Hardwick, R.* -Kitchen porter
Hardy, John* -Chief second class steward
Harknett, Alice -Passenger
Harmer, Abraham -Passenger
Harper, Mrs Henry Sleeper* -Passenger
Harper, Mr Henry Sleeper* and Manservant* -Passengers
Harper, Mr John -Passenger
Harper, Miss Nina* -Passenger
Harris, C. H. -Bell Boy
Harris, C. W. -Saloon steward
Harris, E. -Fireman
Harris, E. -Assistant pantryman
Harris, F. -Trimmer
Harris, F.* -Fireman
Harris, Mr George* -Passenger
Harris, Mr Henry B. -Passenger
Harris, Mrs Henry B.* -Passenger
Harris, Mr Walter -Passenger
Harrison, A.* -Saloon steward
Harrison, N. -Junior second engineer
Harrison, Mr W. H. -Passenger
Hart, Mr Benjamin -Passenger
Hart, Mrs Esther* -Passenger
Hart, Miss Eva* -Passenger
Hart, Henry -Passenger
Hart, John Edward* -Third class steward
Hart, Thomas -Fireman
Hartley, Wallace Henry -Bandmaster
Hartnell, Frederick* -Saloon steward
Harvey, Herbert G. -Junior second assistant engineer
Hasgood, R. -Fireman
Haslin, J. -Trimmer
Hatch, H. -Scullion
Haven, Mr H.* -Passenger
Hawkesworth, John -Saloon steward
Hawksford, Mr W. J.* -Passenger
Hawksworth, W. -Assistant deck steward
Hays, Mr Charles M.* -Passenger
Hays, Mrs Charles M.* and Maid* -Passengers
Hays, Miss Margaret* -Passenger
Hayter, A. -Bedroom steward
Head, A. -Fireman
Head, Mr Christopher* -Passenger
Healy, Nora* -Passenger
Hebb, A.* -Trimmer
Hee, Ling* -Passenger
Heininen, Wendla -Passenger
Helnen, J. -Saloon steward
Hemming, Norah -Passenger
Hemmings, Samuel Ernest* -Lamptrimmer
Hendekevoic, Ignaz -Passenger
Hendrickson, Charles* -Leading fireman
Hendy, E. -Saloon steward
Henery, Delia -Passenger
Henriksson, Jenny -Passenger
Henry, W. -Assistant boots
Hensford, J. -Assistant butcher
Herman, Miss Alice* -Passenger
Herman, Mrs Jane* -Passenger
Herman, Miss Kate* -Passenger
Herman, Mr Samuel -Passenger
Hervonen, Helga* -Passenger
Hervonen, Hildwe* (child) -Passenger
Hesketh, James H. -Second engineer
Hewett, T. -Bedroom steward
Hewlett, Mrs Mary D.* -Passenger
Hickkinen, Laina* -Passenger
Hickman, Mr Leonard -Passenger
Hickman, Mr Lewis -Passenger
Hickman, Mr Stanley -Passenger
Hill, H. -Steward
Hill, J. -Trimmer
Hill, J. -Bedroom steward
Hilliard, Mr Herbert Henry -Passenger
Hillstrom, Hilda* -Passenger
Hiltunen, Miss Martha -Passenger
Hinckley, G. -Baths
Hines, G. -Third baker
Hinton, W. -Trimmer
Hipkins, Mr W. E. -Passenger
Hippach, Mrs Ida S.* -Passenger
Hippach, Miss Jean* -Passenger
Hiscock, S. -Plate washer
Hitchens, Robert* -Quartermaster
Hoare, Leo -Saloon steward
Hocking, Mrs Elizabeth* -Passenger
Hocking, Mr George -Passenger
Hocking, Miss Nellie* -Passenger
Hocking, Mr Samuel J. -Passenger
Hodge, C. -Senior third assistant engineer
Hodges, Mr Henry P. -Passenger
Hodges, W. -Fireman
Hodgkinson, L. -Senior fourth engineer
Hoffman, Loto* (child) -Passenger
Hoffman, Louis* (child) -Passenger
Hoffman, Mr -Passenger
Hogeboom, Mrs John C.* -Passenger
Hogg, C. -Bedroom steward
Hogg, George Alfred* -Lookout
Hogue, E. -Plate washer
Hold, Mrs Annie* -Passenger
Hold, Mr Stephen -Passenger
Holland, T. -Assistant reception room attendant
Holm, John F. A. -Passenger
Holman, H. -Able bodied seaman
Holten, Johan -Passenger
Holverson, Mr A. O. -Passenger
Holverson, Mrs A. O.* -Passenger
Hood, Mr Ambrose -Passenger
Hopkins, F. -Plate washer
Hopkins, Robert* -Able bodied seaman
Horgan, John -Passenger
Horswill, Albert Edward James* -Able bodied seaman
Hosgood, R. -Fireman
Hosking, G. F. -Senior third engineer
Hosono, Mr Masabumi* -Passenger
House, W. -Saloon steward
Howard, Mr Benjamin -Passenger
Howard, Mrs Ellen T. -Passenger
Howard, May* -Passenger
Howell, A. -Saloon steward
Hoyt, Mr Frederick M.* -Passenger
Hoyt, Mrs Frederick M.* -Passenger
Hoyt, Mr W. F. -Passenger
Hughes, H. -Assistant second steward
Humblin, Adolf -Passenger
Humby, F. -Plates
Hume, John Law -First violinist
Humphreys, H. -Assistant steward
Humphreys, James* -Quartermaster
Hunt, Albert* -Trimmer
Hunt, Mr George -Passenger
Hunt, T. -Fireman
Hurst, C. J. -Fireman
Hurst, Walter* -Greaser
Hutchinson, J. -Vegetable cook
Hutchinson, John H. -Joiner
Hylands, Leo J.* -Steward
Hyman, Abraham* -Passenger


Ide, H. -Bedroom steward
Ilett, Miss Bertha* -Passenger
Ilieff, Ylio -Passenger
Ilmakangas, Ida -Passenger
Ilmakangas, Pista -Passenger
Ingram, C. -Trimmer
Ingrouville, H. -Steward
Ings, W. -Scullion
Instance, T. -Fireman
Isham, Mrs A. E. -Passenger
Ismay, Mr J. Bruce* and Manservant -Passengers
Ivanoff, Konio -Passenger
Jackson, H. -Assistant boots
Jacobsohn, Mrs Amy P.* -Passenger
Jacobsohn, Mr Sidney S. -Passenger
Jacobson, John -Fireman
Jago, J. -Greaser
Jaillet, H. -Pastry cook
Jakob, Mr Birnbaum -Passenger
James, Thos -Fireman
Janaway, W. -Bedroom steward
Janin, C. -Soup cook
Jansen, Carl* -Passenger
Jardin, Jose Netto -Passenger
Jarvis, Mr John D. -Passenger
Jarvis, W. -Fireman
Jean Nassr, Saade -Passenger
Jeffery, W. -Controller
Jefferys, Mr Clifford -Passenger
Jefferys, Mr Ernest -Passenger
Jenkin, Mr Stephen -Passenger
Jenner, H. -Saloon steward
Jensen, Carl* -Passenger
Jensen, Hans Peter -Passenger
Jensen, Nilho R. -Passenger
Jensen, Svenst L. -Passenger
Jenson, C. V. -Saloon steward
Jenymin, Annie* -Passenger
Jervan, Mrs A. T.* -Passenger
Jessop, Miss Violet* -Stewardess
Jewell, Archie* -Lookout
Joas, N. -Fireman
Johann, Markim -Passenger
Johannessen, Bernt* -Passenger
Johannessen, Elias* -Passenger
Johansen, Nils -Passenger
Johanson, Oscal L.* -Passenger
Johanson, Oscar* -Passenger
Johansson, Erik -Passenger
Johansson, Gustaf -Passenger
Johnson, Mr A. -Passenger
Johnson, Alice* -Passenger
Johnson, Eleanora* (infant) -Passenger
Johnson, H. -Assistant ship's cook
Johnson, Harold* -Passenger
Johnson, Jakob A. -Passenger
Johnson, James* -Saloon steward
Johnson, Mr W. -Passenger
Johnsson, Carl -Passenger
Johnsson, Malkolm -Passenger
Johnston, A. G. -Passenger
Johnston, Mrs C. H. (child) -Passenger
Johnston, Mrs -Passenger
Johnston, William (child) -Passenger
Jones, A. -Saloon steward
Jones, A. -Plates
Jones, Mr C. C -Passenger
Jones, H. -Roast cook
Jones, Reginald V. -Saloon steward
Jones, Thomas* -Able bodied seaman
Jonkoff, Lazor -Passenger
Jonsson, Nielo H. -Passenger
Joseph, Mary* -Passenger
Jouanmault, G. -Assistant sauce
Joughin, Charles* -Chief baker
Judd, C.* -Fireman
Jukes, J. -Greaser
Julian, Mr H. F. -Passenger
Jupe, Herbert -Assistant electrican
Jusila, Erik* -Passenger
Jusila, Katrina -Passenger
Jusila, Mari -Passenger
Jutel, Henrik Hansen -Passenger


Kalil, Betros -Passenger
Kallio, Nikolai -Passenger
Kalvig, Johannes H. -Passenger
Kantor, Mrs Miriam* -Passenger
Kantor, Mr Sehua -Passenger
Karajic, Milan -Passenger
Karlson, Einar* -Passenger
Karlson, Nils August -Passenger
Karnes, Mrs J. F. -Passenger
Karun, Anna* (child) -Passenger
Karun, Franz* -Passenger
Kasper, F.* -Fireman
Kassan, M. Housseing -Passenger
Kassein, Hassef* -Passenger
Kassem, Fared -Passenger
Keane, Mr Daniel -Passenger
Keane, Miss Nora A.* -Passenger
Kearl, C. -Greaser
Kearl, G. -Trimmer
Keefe, Arthur -Passenger
Keegan, Jas -Leading fireman
Keene, P.* -Saloon steward
Kekic, Tido -Passenger
Kelland, T. -Library
Kelly, Annie K.* -Passenger
Kelly, Mrs F.* -Passenger
Kelly, James -Passenger
Kelly, James -Passenger
Kelly, Jas -Greaser
Kelly, Mary* -Passenger
Kelly, William -Assistant electrician
Kemish, George* -Fireman
Kemp, Thos -Executive fourth assistant engineer
Kenchenten, Fredrick -Greaser
Kennedy, John* -Passenger
Kennell, C. -Heb cook
Kent, Mr Edward A. -Passenger
Kenyon, Mr F. R. -Passenger
Kenyon, Mrs F. R.* -Passenger
Kenzler, A. -Storekeeper
Kerane, Andy -Passenger
Kerley, W. T. -Assistant steward
Kerr, T. -Fireman
Ketchley, H. -Saloon steward
Khalil, Zahie* -Passenger
Kieran, M. -Assistant storekeeper
Kiernan, James W. -Chief third class steward
Kiernan, John -Passenger
Kiernan, Phillip -Passenger
Kilgannon, Thomas -Passenger
Kimball, Mr E. N.* -Passenger
Kimball, Mrs E. N.* -Passenger
King, A. -Lift attendant
King, Ernest -Purser clerk
King, G. -Scullion
King, T. W. -Master-at-arms
Kingscote, W. F. -Saloon steward
Kink, Anton* -Passenger
Kink, Louise* -Passenger
Kink, Louise* (child) -Passenger
Kink, Maria -Passenger
Kink, Vincenz -Passenger
Kinsella, L. -Fireman
Kirkham, J. -Greaser
Kirkland, Rev. Charles L -Passenger
Kitching, A. -Saloon steward
Klaber, Mr Herman -Passenger
Klasen, Gertrud (child) -Passenger
Klasen, Hilda -Passenger
Klasen, Klas A.Mona, Mae A. -Passenger
Klein, H. -Barber
Knight, George* -Saloon steward
Knight, L. -Steward
Knowles, T.* -Firemen's messman
Kraeff, Thodor -Passenger
Krins, George -Violist
Kvillner, Mr John Henrik -Passenger


Lacey, Bert W. -Assistant steward
Lahtinen, Mrs Anna* -Passenger
Lahtinen, Mr William -Passenger
Lahy, T. -Fireman
Laitinen, Sofia -Passenger
Lake, W. -Saloon steward
Laleff, Kristo -Passenger
Lam, Ali* -Passenger
Lam, Len -Passenger
Lamb, Mr J. J. -Passenger
Lambert-Williams, Mr Fletcher Fellows -Passenger
Lamore, Mrs Ameliar* -Passenger
Landegren, Aurora* -Passenger
Lane, A. E. -Saloon steward
Lane, Patrick -Passenger
Lang, Fang* -Passenger
Langley, Miss Gretchen F.* -Passenger
Laroche, Mr Joseph -Passenger
Laroche, Mrs Juliet* -Passenger
Laroche, Miss Louise* -Passenger
Laroche, Miss Simonne* -Passenger
Larson, Viktor -Passenger
Larsson, Bengt Edvin -Passenger
Larsson, Edvard -Passenger
Latimer, Andrew J. -Chief steward
Lavington, Miss* -Stewardess
Lawrence, A. -Saloon steward
Leader, A. -Assistant confectioner
Leader, Mrs F. A.* -Passenger
Leather, Mrs Elizabeth* -Stewardess
Lee, H. -Trimmer
Lee, Reginald Robinson* -Lookout
Lefebre, Frances -Passenger
Lefebre, Henry (child) -Passenger
Lefebre, Ida (child) -Passenger
Lefebre, Jeanne (child) -Passenger
Lefebre, Mathilde (child) -Passenger
Lefever, G. -Saloon steward
Lehman, Miss Bertha* -Passenger
Leinonen, Antti -Passenger
Leitch, Miss Jessie -Passenger
Lemberopoulos, Peter -Passenger
Lemon, Denis -Passenger
Lemon, Mary -Passenger
Leonard, Mr L -Passenger
Leonard, M. -Steward
Lester, J. -Passenger
Levett, G. -Assistant pantryman
Levy, Mr R. J. -Passenger
Lewis, Arthur* -Steward
Lewy, Mr E. G. -Passenger
Leyson, Mr Robert W. N. -Passenger
Light, C. -Fireman
Light, C. -Plate washer
Light, W. -Fireman
Lightoller, Charles Herbert* -Second officer
Lindablom, August -Passenger
Lindahl, Agda -Passenger
Lindell, Edvard B. -Passenger
Lindell, Elin -Passenger
Lindqvist, Einar* -Passenger
Lindsay, W.* -Fireman
Lindstroem, Mrs J.* -Passenger
Linehan, Michel -Passenger
Lines, Mrs Ernest H.* -Passenger
Lines, Miss Mary C.* -Passenger
Ling, Lee -Passenger
Lingan, Mr John -Passenger
Lingrey, Mr Edward -Passenger
Lithman, Simon -Passenger
Littlejohn, A.* -Saloon steward
Lloyd, H. -Saloon steward
Lloyd, W. -Fireman
Lobb, Cordelia -Passenger
Lobb, William A. -Passenger
Lock, A. -Assistant cook
Lockyer, Edward -Passenger
Long, F. -Trimmer
Long, W. -Trimmer
Long, Mr n C. -Passenger
Longmiur, J. -Assistant bedroom steward
Loring, Mr J. H. -Passenger
Louch, Mrs Alice Adela* -Passenger
Louch, Mr Charles -Passenger
Lovell, J. -Grill cook
Lovell, John -Passenger
Lowe, Harold Godfrey* -Fifth officer
Lucas, W.* -Saloon steward
Lucas, William* -Able bodied seaman
Lulic, Nicola* -Passenger
Lundahl, John -Passenger
Lundin, Olga* -Passenger
Lundstripm, Jan* -Passenger
Lydiatt, C. -Saloon steward
Lyons, William H. -Able bodied seaman


Mabey, J. -Steward
MacKay, Charles D.* -Saloon steward
MacKay, George W. -Passenger
MacKie, G. -Bedroom steward
Mack, Mrs Mary -Passenger
Mackie, W. D. -Junior fifth assistant engineer
Madigan, Maggie* -Passenger
Madill, Miss Georgette Alexandra* -Passenger
Madsen, Fridjof* -Passenger
Maenpaa, Matti -Passenger
Magee, W. -Senior sixth assistant engineer
Maguire, Mr J. E. -Passenger
Mahon, Delia -Passenger
Maisner, Simon -Passenger
Major, E. -Bath steward
Major, W.* -Fireman
Makinen, Kalle -Passenger
Malachard, Mr Noel -Passenger
Malinoff, Nicola -Passenger
Mallet, Mr A. -Passenger
Mallet, Master A.* -Passenger
Mallet, Mrs -Passenger
Mampe, Leon* -Passenger
Mangan, Mary -Passenger
Mangiavacchi, Mr Emilio -Passenger
Mannion, Margareth* -Passenger
Mantle, R. -Steward
Mantvila, Mr Joseph -Passenger
March, John Starr -Postal clerk
Marechal, Mr Pierre* -Passenger
Marinko, Dmitri -Passenger
Markoff, Marin -Passenger
Marks, J. -Assistant pantryman
Marrett, G. -Fireman
Marriott, J. W. -Assistant pantryman
Marsden, Miss* -Stewardess
Marsh, F. -Fireman
Marshall, Mrs Kate* -Passenger
Marshall, Mr -Passenger
Martin, A.* -Scullion
Martin, Miss* -Second cashier
Martin, Mrs.* -Stewardess
Marvin, Mr D. W. -Passenger
Marvin, Mrs D. W.* -Passenger
Maskell, L. -Trimmer
Mason, F.* -Fireman
Mason, J. -Leading fireman
Matherson, D. -Able bodied seaman
Mathias, M. -Mess-room steward
Matthews, Mr W. J. -Passenger
Mattman, A. -Ice man
Mauge, Paul* -Chef's assistant
Maxwell, John -Carpenter
May, A. W. -Fireman's messman
May, Arthur -Fireman
Maybery, Mr Frank H. -Passenger
Maynard, John* -Entree cook
Mayo, W. -Leading fireman
Maytum, Alfred -Chief butcher
Mayzes, T.* -Fireman
McAndrew, Thos -Fireman
McAndrews, W. -Fireman
McCaffry, Mr T. -Passenger
McCarthy, Katie* -Passenger
McCarthy, Mr Timothy J. -Passenger
McCarthy, W.* -Able bodied seaman
McCarty, F. -Bedroom steward
McCastlen, W. -Fireman
McCawley, T. W. -Gymnasium
McCormack, Thomas* -Passenger
McCoy, Agnes* -Passenger
McCoy, Alice* -Passenger
McCoy, Bernard* -Passenger
McCrae, Mr Arthur G. -Passenger
McCrie, Mr James -Passenger
McDermott, Delia* -Passenger
McElroy, Herbert -Walter Purser
McElroy, Michel -Passenger
McEnzie, Edwina* -Passenger
McGann, James* -Trimmer
McGarvey, E. -Fireman
McGaw, E. -Fireman
McGough, Mr J. R.* -Passenger
McGough, James (Paddy)* -Able bodied seaman
McGovern, Mary* -Passenger
McGowan, Annie* -Passenger
McGowan, Katherine -Passenger
McGrady, James -Saloon steward
McGregor, J. -Fireman
McInerney, T. -Greaser
McIntyre, William* -Trimmer
McKane, Mr Peter D. -Passenger
McLaren, Mrs.* -Stewardess
McMahon, Martin -Passenger
McMicken, A.* -Saloon steward
McMullen, J. -Saloon steward
McMurray, W. -Bedroom steward
McNamee, Eileen -Passenger
McNamee, Neal -Passenger
McQuillan, William -Fireman
McRae, William -Fireman
McReynolds, W. -Junior sixth assistant engineer
Meanwell, Marian O. -Passenger
Mechan, John -Passenger
Meek, Annie L. -Passenger
Meeklave, Ellie* -Passenger
Melkebuk, Philemon -Passenger
Mellers, Mr William* -Passenger
Mellinger, Mrs Elizabeth* and Child* -Passengers
Mellor, A. -Saloon steward
Meme, Hanna* -Passenger
Meo, Alfonso -Passenger
Messemacker, Emma* -Passenger
Messemacker, Guillaume* -Passenger
Meyer, Mr August -Passenger
Meyer, Mr Edgar J. -Passenger
Meyer, Mrs Edgar J.* -Passenger
Middleton, Alfred -Assistant electrician
Middleton, M. V. -Saloon steward
Midtsjo, Carl* -Passenger
Mikanen, John* -Passenger
Miles, Frank -Passenger
Milford, George -Fireman
Millar, R. -Fifth assistant engineer
Millar, T. -Assistant deck engineer
Millet, Mr Frank D. -Passenger
Milling, Mr Jacob C. -Passenger
Mills, C.* -Assistant butcher
Minahan, Miss Ida Daisy* -Passenger
Minahan, Mrs Lillian* -Passenger
Minahan, Dr William E. -Passenger
Minkoff, Lazar -Passenger
Mintram, W. -Fireman
Mirko, Dika -Passenger
Mishellany, A. -Printer
Misseff, Ivan -Passenger
Mitchell, B. -Trimmer
Mitchell, Mr Henry -Passenger
Mitkoff, Mito -Passenger
Moch, Mr P.E.* -Passenger
Moch, Mr Phillip E. -Passenger
Moen, Sigurd H. -Passenger
Molson, Mr H. Markland -Passenger
Monbarek, Hanna -Passenger
Moncarek, Gonios* (child) -Passenger
Moncarek, Halim* (child) -Passenger
Moncarek, Omine -Passenger
Monoros, J. -Assistant waiter
Monteverdi, J. -Assistant entree
Moody, James Pell -Sixth officer
Moor, Beile -Passenger
Moor, Meier -Passenger
Moore, A. -Saloon steward
Moore, Mr Clarence and Manservant -Passengers
Moore, George* -Able bodied seaman
Moore, J.* -Fireman
Moore, Leonard C. -Passenger
Moore, R. -Trimmer
Moores, R. -Greaser
Moran, Bertha* -Passenger
Moran, James -Passenger
Morawick, Dr Ernest -Passenger
Morgan, A. -Trimmer
Morgan, Daniel J. -Passenger
Morgan, T. -Fireman
Morgan, W. -Assistant storekeeper
Morley, William -Passenger
Morrell, R. -Trimmer
Morris, A. -Greaser
Morris, F.* -Bath steward
Morris, W. -Trimmer
Morrow, Thomas -Passenger
Moss, Albert* -Passenger
Moss, William -Saloon steward
Moussa, Mantoura -Passenger
Moutal, Rahamin -Passenger
Mudd, Mr Thomas C. -Passenger
Mulder, Theo* -Passenger
Mullen, T. -Steward
Mullens, Katie* -Passenger
Muller, L. -Interpeter
Mulvihill, Bertha* -Passenger
Murdlin, Joseph -Passenger
Murdoch, W.* -Fireman
Murdoch, William McMaster -First officer
Murphy, Kate* -Passenger
Murphy, Mary* -Passenger
Murphy, Norah* -Passenger
Myhrman, Oliver -Passenger
Myles, Mr Thomas F. -Passenger


Naidenoff, Penko -Passenger
Naked, Maria* -Passenger
Naked, Said* -Passenger
Naked, Waika* -Passenger
Nancarrow, W. H. -Passenger
Nankoff, Minko -Passenger
Nannini, F. -Head waiter
Nasr, Mustafa -Passenger
Nasser, Mrs -Passenger
Nasser, Mr Nicolas -Passenger
Natsch, Mr Charles -Passenger
Naughton, Hannah -Passenger
Neale, H.* -Assistant baker
Nedeco, Petroff -Passenger
Nemagh, Robert -Passenger
Nenkoff, Christo -Passenger
Nesson, Mr Israel -Passenger
Nettleton, G. -Fireman
Newell, Mr A. W. -Passenger
Newell, Miss Alice* -Passenger
Newell, Miss Madeline* -Passenger
Newman, C. -Storekeeper
Newsom, Miss Helen* -Passenger
Nichan, Krikorian* -Passenger
Nicholls, Mr Joseph C. -Passenger
Nicholls, T. -Saloon steward
Nichols, A. -Steward
Nichols, Alfred -Boatswain
Nichols, W. K.* -Assistant steward
Nicholson, Mr A. S. -Passenger
Nicola, Elias* (child) -Passenger
Nicola, Jamila* -Passenger
Nieminen, Manta -Passenger
Niklasen, Sander -Passenger
Nilson, Berta* -Passenger
Nilsson, August F. -Passenger
Nilsson, Helmina* -Passenger
Nirva, Isak -Passenger
Noon, John -Fireman
Norman, Mr Robert D. -Passenger
Norris, J. -Fireman
Noss, B. -Fireman
Noss, H.* -Fireman
Nosworthy, Richard C. -Passenger
Novel, Mansouer* -Passenger
Nutbean, William* -Fireman
Nye, Mrs Elizabeth* -Passenger
Nyoven, Johan* -Passenger
Nyston, Anna* -Passenger


O'Brien, Denis -Passenger
O'Brien, Hannah* -Passenger
O'Brien, Thomas -Passenger
O'Connell, Pat D. -Passenger
O'Connor, John* -Trimmer
O'Connor, Maurice -Passenger
O'Connor, Pat -Passenger
O'Connor, T. -Bedroom steward
O'Donaghue, Bert -Passenger
O'Dwyer, Nellie* -Passenger
O'Keefe, Pat* -Passenger
O'Loughlin, William F. H. -Surgeon
O'Neill, Bridget -Passenger
O'Sullivan, Bridget -Passenger
OLeary, Norah* -Passenger
Odahl, Martin* -Passenger
Olive, C. -Greaser
Olive, E. R. -Clothes presser
Oliver, H.* -Fireman
Olliver, Alfred* -Quartermaster
Olsen, Arthur* -Passenger
Olsen, Carl -Passenger
Olsen, Henry -Passenger
Olsen, Ole M. -Passenger
Olson, Elon -Passenger
Olsson, Elida -Passenger
Olsson, John -Passenger
Omont, Mr F.* -Passenger
Oreskovic, Jeko -Passenger
Oreskovic, Luka -Passenger
Oreskovic, Maria -Passenger
Orman, Velin* -Passenger
Orpet, W. -Saloon steward
Orr, J. -Assistant vegetable cook
Orsen, Sirayanian -Passenger
Ortin, Zakarian -Passenger
Osborne, W. -Saloon steward
Osman, Frank* -Able bodied seaman
Osman, Mara* -Passenger
Ostby, Mr E. C -Passenger
Ostby, Miss Helen R.* -Passenger
Othen, C.* -Fireman
Otter, Mr Richard -Passenger
Ovies, Mr S. -Passenger
Owens, L. -Assistant steward
Oxenham, Mr P. Thomas* -Passenger


Pacey, R. -Lift attendant
Pacherat, J. -Assistant larder
Pacruic, Mate -Passenger
Pacruic, Tome -Passenger
Padro, Mr Julian* -Passenger
Paice, R. -Fireman
Pain, Dr Alfred -Passenger
Painter, Charles -Fireman
Painter, F. -Fireman
Painton, J. A. -Captain's steward
Pallas, Mr Emilio* -Passenger
Palles, T. -Greaser
Pand, G. -Fireman
Panula, Eino -Passenger
Panula, Ernesti -Passenger
Panula, Juho -Passenger
Panula, Maria -Passenger
Panula, Sanni -Passenger
Panula, Urhu (child) -Passenger
Panula, William (infant) -Passenger
Parker, Mr Clifford R. -Passenger
Parks, Sam -Seaman
Parr, Mr M. H. W. -Passenger
Parrish, Mrs L Davis* -Passenger
Parsons, E. -Chief storekeeper
Parsons, F. A. -Senior first assistant engineer
Parsons, R. -Saloon steward
Partner, Mr Austin -Passenger
Pascoe, C. H.* -Able bodied seaman
Pasic, Jakob -Passenger
Paulsson, Alma C -Passenger
Paulsson, Gosta (child) -Passenger
Paulsson, Paul (child) -Passenger
Paulsson, Stina(child) -Passenger
Paulsson, Torborg (child) -Passenger
Pavlovic, Stefo -Passenger
Payne, Mr V. -Passenger
Peacock, Alfred -Passenger
Peacock, Treasteall (child) -Passenger
Peacodc., Treasteall -Passenger
Pearce, A. -Steward
Pearce, Ernest -Passenger
Pearce, J.* -Fireman
Pearcey, Albert Victor* -Third class pantryman
Pears, Mr Thomas -Passenger
Pears, Mrs Thomas* -Passenger
Pedrini, Alex -Assistant waiter
Peduzzi, Joseph -Passenger
Pekonemi, E.* -Passenger
Pelham, G.* -Trimmer
Pelsmaker, Alfons de -Passenger
Peltomaki, Nikolai -Passenger
Penasco, Mr Victor -Passenger
Penasco, Mrs Victor* and Maid -Passengers
Pengelly, Mr Frederick -Passenger
Pennell, F. -Bath steward
Penny, W. -Assistant steward
Penrose, J. -Bedroom steward
Pentcho, Petroff -Passenger
Perkin, John Henry -Passenger
Perkins, L. -Telephone operator
Perkis, Walter J.* -Quartermaster
Pernot, Mr Rene -Passenger
Perotti, Alfonsi -Assistant waiter
Perrin, W. -Boots
Perriton, H. -Saloon steward
Perry, E.* -Trimmer
Perry, H. -Trimmer
Person, Ernest -Passenger
Peruschitz, Rev. Jos. M. -Passenger
Peter, Anna -Passenger
Peter, Catherine Joseph* -Passenger
Peter, Mike -Passenger
Peters, Katie -Passenger
Peters, W. C.* -Able bodied seaman
Peterson, Ellen -Passenger
Peterson, Johan -Passenger
Peterson, Marius -Passenger
Petrachio, A. -Assistant waiter
Petrachio, S. -Assistant waiter
Petranec, Matilda -Passenger
Petterson, Olaf -Passenger
Petty, Edwin Henry -Bedroom steward
Peuchen, Major Major Arthur* -Passenger
Phillimore, Harold* -Saloon steward
Phillips, Miss Alice* -Passenger
Phillips, G. -Greaser
Phillips, J. -Storesman
Phillips, John George -First Marconi operator
Phillips, Mr Robert -Passenger
Piatti, L. -Assistant waiter
Piazza, P. -Waiter
Pigott, P.* -Able bodied seaman
Pinsky, Miss Rosa* -Passenger
Pitfield, W. -Greaser
Pitman, Herbert John* -Third officer
Platt, W. -Scullion
Plotcharsky, Vasil -Passenger
Podesta, J.* -Fireman
Poggi, E. -Waiter
Poigndestre, John* -Able bodied seaman
Ponesell, Mr Martin -Passenger
Pook, R. -Assistant bedroom steward
Port, F.* -Steward
Portaluppi, Mr Emilio* -Passenger
Porter, Mr Walter Chamberlain -Passenger
Potchett, George -Passenger
Potter, Mrs Thomas, Jr.* -Passenger
Pregnall, George* -Greaser
Prentice, Frank M.* -Assistant storekeeper
Preston, Thomas -Trimmer
Price, E. -Barman
Prideaux, J. A. -Steward
Priest, John* -Fireman
Prior, H. J.* -Steward
Pritchard, Mrs.* -Stewardess
Proctor, Chester -Chef
Proudfoot, R. -Trimmer
Pryce, W. -Saloon steward
Pugh, Alfred* -Steward
Pugh, P. -Leading fireman
Pulbaun, Mr Frank -Passenger
Pusey, J. -Saloon steward
Pusey, Robert* -Fireman


Quick, Mrs Jane* -Passenger
Quick, Miss Phyllis* -Passenger
Quick, Miss Vera W.* -Passenger
Radeff, Alexander -Passenger
Rafoul, Baccos -Passenger
Raibid, Razi -Passenger
Randall, F. -Saloon steward
Ranger, Thomas* -Greaser
Ranson, Jas -Saloon steward
Rath, Sarah* -Passenger
Ratti, E. -Waiter
Ray, Frederick Dent* -Saloon steward
Read, J. -Trimmer
Reed, C. -Bedroom steward
Reed, James George -Passenger
Reed, R. -Trimmer
Reeves, Mr David -Passenger
Reeves, F. -Fireman
Renouf, Miss Lillie* -Passenger
Renouf, Mr Peter H. -Passenger
Reuchlin, Mr Jonkheer, J. G. -Passenger
Revell, W. -Saloon steward
Reynolds, Miss E.* -Passenger
Reynolds, Harold -Passenger
Rheims, Mr George* -Passenger
Ricardona, R. -Assistant waiter
Rice, Albert (child) -Passenger
Rice, Arthur (child) -Passenger
Rice, C.* -Fireman
Rice, Eric (child) -Passenger
Rice, Eugene (child) -Passenger
Rice, George (child) -Passenger
Rice, J. R. -Clerk
Rice, Margaret -Passenger
Rice, P. -Steward
Richard, Mr Emile -Passenger
Richards, Mrs Emily* -Passenger
Richards, H. -Fireman
Richards, Master George* -Passenger
Richards, Master William* -Passenger
Rickman, G. -Fireman
Ricks, Cyril S. -Assistant storekeeper
Ridout, W. -Saloon steward
Ridsdale, Miss Lucy* -Passenger
Rigozzi, A. -Waiter
Rintamaki, Matti -Passenger
Riordan, Hannah* -Passenger
Risien, Emma -Passenger
Risien, Samuel -Passenger
Robert, Mrs Edward S.* and Maid* -Passengers
Roberts, F. -Third butcher
Roberts, G. -Fireman
Roberts, H. -Bedroom steward
Roberts, Mrs.* -Stewardess
Robertson, G. -Assistant steward
Robins, Alexander -Passenger
Robins, Charity -Passenger
Robinson, J. -Saloon steward
Robinson, Mrs. Annie* -Stewardess
Roebling, Mr Washington A. -Passenger
Rogers, E. J. -Assistant storekeeper
Rogers, Mr Harry -Passenger
Rogers, M. -Saloon steward
Rogers, Miss Selina* -Passenger
Rogers, William John -Passenger
Rolmane, Mr C.* -Passenger
Rood, Mr Hugh R. -Passenger
Rosblom, Helene -Passenger
Rosblom, Salfi (child) -Passenger
Rosblom, Viktor -Passenger
Rosenbaum, Miss -Passenger
Ross, Mr J. Hugo -Passenger
Ross, R. -Scullion
Rothes, the Countess of* and Maid* -Passengers
Rothschild, Mr M. -Passenger
Rothschild, Mrs M.* -Passenger
Rotto, Angelo -Waiter
Rous, A. -Plumber
Rouse, Richard H. -Passenger
Rousseau, P. -Chef
Rowe, Mr Alfred -Passenger
Rowe, George Thomas* -Quartermaster
Rowe, M. -Saloon steward
Rudd, Henry -Storekeeper
Rugg, Miss Emily* -Passenger
Rule, Samuel J.* -Bath steward
Rummer, G. -Saloon steward
Rummstvedt, Kristian -Passenger
Rush, Alfred George J. -Passenger
Russell, R. -Saloon steward
Ryan, E. -Passenger
Ryan, Patrick -Passenger
Ryan, T. -Steward
Ryerson, Mr Arthur -Passenger
Ryerson, Mrs Arthur* and Maid* -Passengers
Ryerson, Miss Emily* -Passenger
Ryerson, Master Jack* -Passenger
Ryerson, Miss Susan* -Passenger
Ryerson, W. E.* -Saloon steward


Saad, Amin -Passenger
Saad, Khalil* -Passenger
Saalfeld, Mr Adolphe* -Passenger
Sacaggi, G. -Assistant waiter
Sadlier, Matt -Passenger
Sadowitz, Harry -Passenger
Sage, Ada (child) -Passenger
Sage, Annie -Passenger
Sage, Constance (child) -Passenger
Sage, Dorothy -Passenger
Sage, Douglas -Passenger
Sage, Frederick -Passenger
Sage, George -Passenger
Sage, John -Passenger
Sage, Stella -Passenger
Sage, Thomas (child) -Passenger
Sage, William (child) -Passenger
Salander, Carl -Passenger
Saljilsvik, Anna* -Passenger
Salonen, Werner -Passenger
Salussolia, Giovenz -Glass man
Samaan, Elias -Passenger
Samaan, Hanna -Passenger
Samaan, Youssef -Passenger
Samuels, W. -Saloon steward
Sandman, Johan* -Passenger
Sandstrom, Agnes* -Passenger
Sandstrom, Beatrice* (child) -Passenger
Sandstrom, Margretha* (child) -Passenger
Sangster, C. -Fireman
Sarkis, Lahowd -Passenger
Sarkis, Mardirosian -Passenger
Sather, Sinon -Passenger
Saundercock, W. H. -Passenger
Saunders, D. E. -Saloon steward
Saunders, T. -Fireman
Saunders, W. -Fireman
Saunders, W. -Trimmer
Savage, C. J.* -Steward
Sawyer, Frederick -Passenger
Sawyer, R. J. -Window cleaner
Scanlan, James -Passenger
Scarrott, Joseph* -Able bodied seaman
Scavino, C. -Carver
Schabert, Mrs Paul* -Passenger
Scott, ? -Assistant boots
Scott, Archibald -Fireman
Scott, Fred* -Greaser
Scovell, R. -Saloon steward
Scrota, Maurice -Passenger
Sdycoff, Todor -Passenger
Sedgwick, Mr C. F. W. -Passenger
Sedunary, Sidney -Steward
Self, A. -Greaser
Self, E.* -Fireman
Seman, Betros (child) -Passenger
Senior, Harry* -Fireman
Sesea, Gino -Waiter
Sevier, W. -Steward
Seward, Mr Frederick K.* -Passenger
Seward, H.* -Pantryman
Shabini, Georges -Passenger
Sharp, Mr Percival -Passenger
Shaughnesay, Pat -Passenger
Shaw, H. -Scullion
Shea, J. -Saloon steward
Shea, Thos -Fireman
Sheath, F.* -Trimmer
Shedid, Daher -Passenger
Sheerlinck, Jean* -Passenger
Shellard, Frederick -Passenger
Shelley, Mrs Imanita* -Passenger
Shepherd, Jonathan -Junior second assistant engineer
Shiers, Alfred* -Fireman
Shilaber, C. -Trimmer
Shine, Ellen* -Passenger
Shorney, Charles -Passenger
Shutes, Miss E. W.* -Passenger
Siebert, Sidney C. -Bedroom steward
Sihvola, Antti -Passenger
Silven, Miss Lyyli* -Passenger
Silverthorne, Mr S. V.* -Passenger
Silvey, Mr William B. -Passenger
Silvey, Mrs William B.* -Passenger
Simmonds, A.* -Scullion
Simmons, F. G. -Saloon steward
Simmons, John -Passenger
Simmons, W. -Pass cook
Simonius, Mr Oberst Altons* -Passenger
Simpson, J. Edward -Assistant surgeon
Sincook, Miss Maude* -Passenger
Sinkkenen, Miss Anna* -Passenger
Sivic, Husen -Passenger
Sjoblom, Anna* -Passenger
Sjostedt, Mr Ernest A. -Passenger
Skeats, W. -Trimmer
Skinner, E. -Saloon steward
Skoog, Anna -Passenger
Skoog, Carl (child) -Passenger
Skoog, Harald (child) -Passenger
Skoog, Mabel (child) -Passenger
Skoog, Margret (child) -Passenger
Skoog, William -Passenger
Slabenoff, Petco -Passenger
Slayter, Miss H. M.* -Passenger
Sleiman, Attalla -Passenger
Slemen, Mr Richard J. -Passenger
Slight, H. J. -Steward
Slight, W. -Larder cook
Sloan, Miss Mary* -Stewardess
Sloan, P. -Chief electrician
Slocombe, Mrs. Maud* -Turkish Bath attendant
Slocovski, Selman -Passenger
Sloper, Mr William T.* -Passenger
Small, William -Leading fireman
Smart, Mr John M. -Passenger
Smiljanic, Mile -Passenger
Smillie, J. -Saloon steward
Smith, Mr Augustus -Passenger
Smith, C. -Bedroom steward
Smith, C. -Scullion
Smith, E. -Trimmer
Smith, Edward John -Captain
Smith, F. -Assistant pantryman
Smith, J. -Assistant baker
Smith, Mr J. Clinch -Passenger
Smith, James M. -Junior fourth engineer
Smith, John Richard Jago -Postal clerk
Smith, Mr L P. -Passenger
Smith, Mrs L P.* -Passenger
Smith, Miss Marion* -Passenger
Smith, Miss* -Stewardess
Smith, R. G. -Saloon steward
Smith, Mr R. W. -Passenger
Smith, W. -Able bodied seaman
Smither, H. -Fireman
Smyth, Julian* -Passenger
Snape, Mrs. -Stewardess
Snellgrove, G. -Fireman
Snooks, W. -Trimmer
Snow, E.* -Trimmer
Snyder, Mr John* -Passenger
Snyder, Mrs John* -Passenger
Sobey, Mr Hayden -Passenger
Sohole, Peter -Passenger
Soloman, Mr A. L.* -Passenger
Solvang, Lena Jacobsen -Passenger
Somerton, Francis W. -Passenger
Sop, Jules* -Passenger
Sparkman, H.* -Fireman
Spector, Woolf -Passenger
Spedden, Mr Frederick O.* -Passenger
Spedden, Mrs Frederick O.* and Maid* -Passengers
Spedden, Master R. Douglas* and Nurse* -Passengers
Spencer, Mr W. A. -Passenger
Spencer, Mrs W. A.* and Maid -Passengers
Spinner, Henry -Passenger
Stafford, M. -Greaser
Stagg, J. H. -Saloon steward
Stahelin, Dr Max* -Passenger
Stanbrook, Augustus -Fireman
Staneff, Ivan -Passenger
Stankovic, Jovan -Passenger
Stanley, Amy* -Passenger
Stanley, E. R. Mr. -Passenger
Stanton, Mr S. Ward -Passenger
Stap, Miss* -Stewardess
Stead, Mr William T. -Passenger
Stebbing, S. -Chief boots
Steel, R. -Trimmer
Steffanon, H. B.* -Passenger
Steffanson, B. B.* -Passenger
Stehli, Mr Max Frolicher* -Passenger
Stehli, Mrs Max Frolicher* -Passenger
Stengel, Mr C. E. H.* -Passenger
Stengel, Mrs C. E. H.* -Passenger
Stewart, Mr A. A. -Passenger
Stewart, John (Jack)* -Veranda Cafe
Stocker, H. -Trimmer
Stokes, Mr Phillip J. -Passenger
Stone, E. -Bedroom steward
Stone, Mrs George M.* and Maid* -Passengers
Storey, T. Mr. -Passenger
Stoyehoff, Ilia -Passenger
Stoytcho, Mihoff -Passenger
Strandberg, Ida -Passenger
Stranden, Jules* -Passenger
Straus, Mrs Isidor and Maid* -Passengers
Straus, Mr Isidor and Manservant -Passengers
Street, A.* -Fireman
Strilic, Ivan -Passenger
Strom, Selma (child) -Passenger
Stroud, E. A. -Saloon steward
Stroud, H. -Saloon steward
Strugnell, J. -Saloon steward
Stubbings, H. -Cook and mess
Stubbs, H. -Fireman
Sullivan, S. -Fireman
Sunderland, Victor* -Passenger
Sutehall, Henry -Passenger
Sutton, Mr Frederick -Passenger
Svensen, Olaf -Passenger
Svensson, Coverin* -Passenger
Svensson, Johan -Passenger
Swan, W. -Bedroom steward
Swane, Mr George -Passenger
Sweet, Mr George -Passenger
Swift, Mrs Frederick Joel* -Passenger
Symonds, J. -Saloon steward
Symons, George* -Lookout
Syntakoff, Stanko -Passenger


Talbot, George Fredrick Charles -Steward
Tamlyn, Fredrick -Mess-room steward
Tannous, Daler -Passenger
Tannous, Thomas -Passenger
Taussig, Mr Emil -Passenger
Taussig, Mrs Emil* -Passenger
Taussig, Miss Ruth* -Passenger
Taylor, C. -Able bodied seaman
Taylor, C. -Steward
Taylor, Mr E. Z .* -Passenger
Taylor, Mrs E. Z.* -Passenger
Taylor, J. -Fireman
Taylor, James* -Fireman
Taylor, L. -Turkish Bath attendant
Taylor, Percy, C. -Cellist
Taylor, T. -Fireman
Taylor, W. -Saloon steward
Taylor, William Henry* -Fireman
Terrell, Bertram -Able bodied seaman
Terrell, F.* -Assistant steward
Testoni, Ercole -Assistant glass man
Thayer, Mr J. B. -Passenger
Thayer, Mr J. B. Jr.* -Passenger
Thayer, Mrs J. B.* and Maid* -Passengers
Thayler, M. -Steward
Theobald, Thomas -Passenger
Thessinger, A.* -Bedroom steward
Thomas, A. C.* -Saloon steward
Thomas, Alex -Passenger
Thomas, Assad* (infant) -Passenger
Thomas, B.* -Saloon steward
Thomas, CharlesP -Passenger
Thomas, J. -Fireman
Thomas, John -Passenger
Thomas, Tamin* -Passenger
Thompson, H. -Second storekeeper
Thompson, John* -Fireman
Thorley, W. -Assistant cook
Thorne, Mr G. -Passenger
Thorne, Mrs G.* -Passenger
Thorneycroft, Percival -Passenger
Thorneycrolt, Florence* -Passenger
Threlfall, Thomas* -Leading fireman
Thresher, G.* -Fireman
Tietz, C. -Kitchen porter
Tikkanen, Juho -Passenger
Tizard, A. -Fireman
Tobin, Roger -Passenger
Todoroff, Lalio -Passenger
Tomlin, Ernest P. -Passenger
Toms, F.* -Saloon steward
Tonfik, Nahli -Passenger
Tonglin, Gunner* -Passenger
Toomey, Miss Ellen* -Passenger
Topp, T. -Second butcher
Torber, Ernest -Passenger
Torfa, Assad -Passenger
Toung, F. -Fireman
Tozer, J. -Greaser
Trant, Miss Jessie* -Passenger
Trembisky, Berk* -Passenger
Triggs, R.* -Fireman
Tronpiansky, Mr Moses A. -Passenger
Troutt, Miss E. Celia* -Passenger
Tucker, B. -Second pantryman
Tucker, Mr G. M. Jr.* -Passenger
Tunquist, W.* -Passenger
Tupin, M. Dorothy -Passenger
Turcin, Stefan -Passenger
Turgo, Anna* -Passenger
Turley, R. -Fireman
Turner, G. F. -Stenographer
Turner, L. -Saloon steward
Turpin, Mr William J. -Passenger
Turvey, C. -Page boy
Twekula, Hedwig* -Passenger


Urbini, R. -Waiter
Uruchurtu, Mr M. R. -Passenger
Useher, Baulner -Passenger
Uzelas, Jovo -Passenger
Vagil, Adele Jane* -Passenger
Valassori, Ettera -Waiter
Van Impe, Catharine (child) -Passenger
Van Impe, Jacob -Passenger
Van Impe, Rosalie -Passenger
Van de Velde, Joseph -Passenger
Van de Walle, Nestor -Passenger
Van der Hoef, Mr Wyckoff -Passenger
Van der Planke, Augusta Vander -Passenger
Van der Planke, Emilie Vander -Passenger
Van der Planke, Jules Vander -Passenger
Van der Planke, Leon Vander -Passenger
Van der Steen, Leo -Passenger
Vartunian, David* -Passenger
Vassilios, Catavelas -Passenger
Veal, A. -Greaser
Veal, T. -Saloon steward
Veale, Mr James -Passenger
Vear, H. -Fireman
Vear, W. -Fireman
Vereruysse, Victor -Passenger
Vestrom, Huld A. A. -Passenger
Vicat, J. -Fish cook
Vilvarlarge, P. -Assistant soup
Vine, H. -Assistant controller
Vioni, R. -Waiter
Voegelin, H. -Coffeeman
Vook, Janko -Passenger


Waelens, Achille -Passenger
Wake, S. -Assistant baker
Walcroft, Miss Nellie* -Passenger
Walker, Mr W. Anderson -Passenger
Wallis, Mrs. -Matron
Walpole, John -Chief pantryman
Walsh, Miss -Stewardess
Ward, Arthur -Junior fourth assistant engineer
Ward, E. -Bedroom steward
Ward, J. -Leading fireman
Ward, P. -Bedroom steward
Ward, William* -Saloon steward
Wardner, F. -Fireman
Ware, Mrs Florence L.* -Passenger
Ware, Frederick -Passenger
Ware, Mr John James -Passenger
Ware, Mr William J. -Passenger
Wareham, R. -Bedroom steward
Warren, Charles W. -Passenger
Warren, Mr F. M. -Passenger
Warren, Mrs F. M.* -Passenger
Warwick, F. -Saloon steward
Wateridge, E. -Fireman
Watson, W. -Fireman
Watson, W. -Bell boy
Watt, Miss Bertha* -Passenger
Watt, Mrs Bessie* -Passenger
Wazli, Yousif -Passenger
Weatherstone, T. -Saloon steward
Webb, Brooke -Smoke-room steward
Webb, S. -Trimmer
Webber, F. -Leading fireman
Webber, James -Passenger
Webber, Miss Susie* -Passenger
Weikman, August H.* -Barber
Weir, Mr J. -Passenger
Weisz, Mr Leopold -Passenger
Weisz, Mrs Matilda* -Passenger
Welch, W. H. -Assistant cook
Weller, Abi -Passenger
Weller, William* -Able bodied seaman
Wells, Mrs Addie* -Passenger
Wells, Miss J.* -Passenger
Wells, Master Ralph* -Passenger
Wende, Olof Edvin -Passenger
Wennerstrom, August* -Passenger
Wenzel, Zinhart -Passenger
West, Mrs Ada* -Passenger
West, Miss Barbara* -Passenger
West, Miss Constance* -Passenger
West, Mr E. Arthur -Passenger
Wheadon, Mr Edward -Passenger
Wheat, Joseph Thomas* -Assistant second steward
Wheeler, Mr Edwin -Passenger
Wheelton, E.* -Saloon steward
White, A. -Assistant barber
White, Alfred -Electrician
White, Alfred* -Greaser
White, F. -Trimmer
White, J. G. H. -Steward
White, Mrs J. Stuart* and Maid* and Manservant -Passengers
White, L. -Saloon steward
White, Mr Percival W. -Passenger
White, Ralph* -Able bodied seaman
White, Mr Richard F. -Passenger
White, William George* -Trimmer
Whitely, Thomas* -Saloon steward
Whitford, A. -Saloon steward
Wick, Mr George D. -Passenger
Wick, Mrs George D.* -Passenger
Wick, Miss Mary* -Passenger
Widegrin, Charles -Passenger
Widener, Mr George D. and Manservant -Passengers
Widener, Mrs George D.* and Maid* -Passengers
Widener, Mr Harry -Passenger
Widgery, James* -Baths
Wiklund, Jacob A. -Passenger
Wiklund, Karl F. -Passenger
Wilde, Henry Tingle -Chief officer
Wilkes, Ellen* -Passenger
Willard, Miss Constance* -Passenger
Willey, Edward -Passenger
Williams, A. -Assistant storekeeper
Williams, Mr Duane -Passenger
Williams, E. -Fireman
Williams, Harry -Passenger
Williams, Leslie -Passenger
Williams, Mr R. N. Jr.* -Passenger
Williams, W.* -Assistant steward
Williamson, James Bertram -Postal clerk
Willis, W. -Steward
Wilson, Bertie -Senior second assistant engineer
Wilton, William -Trimmer
Wiltshire, W. -Assistant butcher
Windebank, J.* -Sauce cook
Windelov, Einar -Passenger
Wirz, Albert -Passenger
Wiseman, Philip -Passenger
Witcher, A. -Fireman
Witt, F. -Trimmer
Witt, H. -Fireman
Wittenrongel, Camille -Passenger
Witter, James* -Second class smoke-room steward
Wittman, H. -Bedroom steward
Wood, J. T. -Assistant steward
Woodford, H. -Greaser
Woods, H. -Trimmer
Woodward, J. W. -Cellist
Woody, Oscar S. -Postal clerk
Woolner, Mr Hugh* -Passenger
Wormald, T. -Saloon steward
Wrapson, H. -Assistant pantryman
Wright, Fredrick -Racquet court attendant
Wright, Mr George -Passenger
Wright, W. G. H.* -Steward
Wright, Miss Marion -Passenger
Wyeth, J. -Fireman
Wynn, Walter* -Quartermaster


Yalsevae, Ivan* -Passenger
Yazbeck, Antoni -Passenger
Yazbeck, Salini* -Passenger
Yearsley, H.* -Saloon steward
Yoshack, J. -Saloon steward
Young, Francis -Fireman
Young, Miss Marie* -Passenger
Youssef, Brahim* -Passenger
Youssef, Georges (child) -Passenger
Youssef, Hanne -Passenger
Youssef, Maria* (child) -Passenger
Zabour, Hileni -Passenger
Zabour, Tamini -Passenger
Zakarian, Maprieder -Passenger
Zarracchi, L. -Wine butler
Zievens, Renee -Passenger
Zimmermann, Leo -Passenger



"God Himself Could Not Sink This Ship."

Bruce Ismay- Owner of Titanic





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